Are you ready for making yourself succeed,
be happy and find completion NOW

You want to ….
work on yourself, help yourself, live from up your passion,
manage your ‘strange’ visions and paranormal appearances, anxiety, get rid of the spiritual marks, raise the energy in your space, be accepted in your highly sensitivity, your creativity, your difference, better handle your emotions, get control over your life, body, mind, have a relationship & children, succeed, reach all your goals now...? Well come.


hi there
Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, specialist INFP, highly sensitive, creatives, empaths

Hi, I am Julia.
I am so glad you are here.

Manifest your ideal life, understand the spiritual world, manage your psychic gift, master your unique talent, be safe, help your self, use your power to create it all: a deep and romantic love life, a happy, healthy and prosperous family, fullfilling children, a peaceful and lasting “aging together relationship”, a loving spouse, being happy, healthy and successful in your career? YOU CAN DO IT. NOW.

I help you to reach your goals. My aim is to promote kindness, peace and true love, romance and make this world a better world. I am certified energy practionner, intuitive healer, a ‘highly intuitive’ and creative and creatorof SUBSTANCEMIND®, expert in body-mind-soul communication. I am a truth  and “true love” specialist. I believe in anything is possible, and am loving researching and finding the best tools to help oneself on all levels: physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, to be self-reliant, increase self-awareness, be balanced and creating a perfect, sustainable, happy, healthy and successful life based on mindfulness and LOVE & romance, as well as raising happy, healthy and thriving children in a mindful and non-overbearing way, preventing problems health and psychological problems for you, your children and your loved ones.

I’m here to share my world view, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, intuitive insights and wisdom, knowledge, expert advice, personal experience, accomplishments, secrets and SUCCESS strategies with you AND encourage you BELIEVE in you!




become a master of your health

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help. 

Nobody believes in your gift?  You need to hide your treasure? Keep on your mask?
Put on a show?  Fit into a role?
You feel not understood, you feel so different?
You hide your strong feelings believing you are too much?
You have digestive problems, or intolerances despite your efforts of eating healthy, selfhealing and living a balanced life?
You are afraid you will never find the cause for your pain, never get better?
You have the impression of having no control over your life, body, mind?
You feel completely numb ? Afraid of never feeling love & passion again?
 You still have no children and get really worried if you will ever reach your goal.

You feel like you will never get control over your strong emotions
(anger, jealousy, depression, fears)?


You are afraid of being (labelled) crazy, never understood and loved as you are:
with your sensitivity, your creativity, your love and kindness


You always have been drawn to spirituality in some way, but now you have strange visions, see spiritual marks, hearing voices & spiritual or paranormal appearances and suffer from spiritual or psychic attacks and you are overwhelmed.


Do you have a hunch that something bad will happen if you don’t act now, but no one believes you or finds something apparent that could confirm your fear, you remain worried?


You don’t know who to trust and you feel confused: after different spiritual or energy practices your emotional, psychological or physical state seems worse, wondering if you suffer from spiritual awakening?


You feel like personal development, love, success are not for you,  as nothing works at least not for long.


                  Did you find yourself in one of the above?


that you are here

Let’s get back control over your body, mind and soul!


Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to get things back under control  becoming a mindful & inspiring leader for yourself and others.

giving up is not an option

Giving up is NOT an option: Manage it.
Activate your vibrant life force.

you are. worth the best lila

What if I told you you can actually get control
and power back over your life, body, mind and soul?


Step into your power, overcome obstacles, be noticed for who you truly are

Use your gift to heal this world.  Discover your treasure. Let go your masks.
Shine who you truly are. Free yourself from the tower.
Allow yourself  to feel again. You are safe.
Bee different

Better understand the reasons for your pain, chronic problems, help yourself.

Manage hearing nasty voices, paranormal appearances, psychic attacks, develop your spiritual gifts, protect yourself, use spirituality for a good health and stay grounded.

Get control (bacck) over your body, mind, soul and life and get out of confusion,
free your inner SUBSTANCE.

Increase chance to have children  even if you believe it impossible and to have a fulfilled family life.

Positively impact digestive problems, intolerances, panic attacks, intense fear.

Have a more balanced & healthy emotional life: Feel assertive, self-confident,
get a strong mindset.

Set a solid foundation for attracting a deep loving romantic relationship for a life-time & have more abundance in your life.

Earn enoug money, get the right clients and thrive in your business on a sustainable basis.

Overcome obstacles & confusion, get clarity, succeed definitely.

Get a strategy and tools that actually work.

Self-Healing, Spirituality, health & Spiritual Awareness. Empath, highly sensitive….

 Are you striving for completion, seeking
for new doorways, be healthy & joyful again ?
Expect miracles to happen!

Julia Noyel Coach für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Hochsensible Menschen Empathen

“I show you how to clear the air, release what is not yours, recuperate from failure, claim your body, mind, soul, develop survival strategies for challenging times, be authentic, use your dreamer capacity in healthy and safe ways, extra-ordinary creativity, powerful energy and playfulness to get control back over your life.”


 Here’s how we can work together

E-Mail Classes & Self-learn Classes

Get quick and daily inspiration and some tools to help yourself.

Deep transformative
Coaching programs

Transform yourself and your life deeply by using the same strategy I have developed & used to help myself and for sustainable happiness, health and success.

Intuitive reading

Get my intuitive insights & inspiration.

1/2 day Intensive strategy Coaching

Develop a strategy and concrete action plan together on how you can help yourself.

Books & Coaching Cards

Get my books in self-development, inspiring coaching cards and relationship caps to work on your self.

Get the knowledge

             You are NOT alone.
Enroll in my intensive programs

True love back program - for sustainable success in all areas of your life

a 10-months deep body-mind-soul transformation program including ALL my programs to finally attract true LOVE back into your life and succeed in all areas of your life, reunite with your twin flame, Heal the world!

Master your psychic gift
back under control.

a 7 months intensive Coaching Program
to overcome the spiritual awakening process, manage hearing voices, visions, paranormal, spirituality
and get back control over your body, mind, soul and life, discover the divine & master your psychic gift.

What you can expect when working with me.

joyful life

Most important features

Get your superpower back

Discover your gift

Help you to understand the divine & spiritual realm

Help you to understand and lead your body, mind & soul

Make others and yourself feel ok, become aware of intolerant communication

Get your joy of life and passion back

Do it your way: to accept your uniqueness

Learn autonomy: free yourself from the thoughts of others

Adopt an ‘I can do it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Surf your emotions

Become a strong and inspiring leader to others

Help yourself & others, find completion

Giving up is not an option


       Bene.-fits of working with me 


Empowerment /
step into your power


Playfulness /
Embracing enthusiasm


Clear the air, purification,
Release what is not yours


Activate your vibrant life force /
Show yourself

a peaceful body
lucky eggs

be a leader


Be a strong leader to yourself and others

Julia Noyel Coaching Lyon Cannes

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

The first small step to your happy, healthy and successful life starts here

Subliminal videos and positive affirmations

on my YOUTUBE Channel

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