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Having a balanced life and a good health, a fulfilled family life, children and deep love relationship with a man or woman, and being good on your own is what you aspire, however despite the many efforts, best intentions and strong motivation, you fail over and over again in reaching your goals? You are under time pressure, you have the impression your time is running out? You hear or see a ticking clock and are wondering if you will ever succeed in having a balanced life and a good health, in your healing, in having children and deep love relationship with a man or woman you love? You are wondering what is wrong with you, why healing techniques do not work or why doctors cannot find the origin for your pain? Others have a fulfilling family and love life, healthy and happy children, are successful in their job, earn money from their passion, have managed to self-heal and you are not? You don’t understand why, because you have put so much effort into changing for the better!


Hi, I am Julia.

“I am intuitive healer and expert and researcher in intuitive healing of personality disorders and diseases, specialist in cell and mind reprogramming, creator of SUBSTANCEMIND®.”


You are struggling, suffering from pain or ailments…?

  • suffering from inexplicable pain,
  • chronic disease or health problems,
  • infertility,
  • hearing voices, having visions,
  • digestive problems, or intolerances despite your efforts of eating healthy, of healing and living a balanced life?
  • having the constant impression things are not going better or even worse despite your efforts to change your health for the better?

Good that you are here…

Let’s get back control over your body, mind and soul

I will share with you my world, my personal strategy, experience, knowledge as well as powerful & inspiring tools to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence, to strengthen your inner SUBSTANCE, to reach a SUBSTANCEMIND®, a strong mindset, and to set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, and your daily life path.







Today I feel happy, healthy AND successful, but it has not always been that way. When I quit my parent’s house, I was excited and curious about life, even a bit naive. I thought I knew what I needed in life and who I was, however feeling often confused because this did not match with what others said or making me ill. Still, years later, after having finished my studies, I felt unhappy, overwhelmed, chronically ill and confused struggling with self-doubts. I wondered what school was for because even if I had two university diplomas, a great job, I felt struggling in my life. One day someone said to me: I don’t know why you lack so much self-confidence. It was the day when I began a long journey. After researching for years on the topic, I discovered self-confidence is important to be happy, healthy, and successful in life, but it is not enough. I created the SUBSTANCE-formula, a 9 step roadmap to strengthen my inner SUBSTANCE, and today, I share my experience, what I have learned over the past 40 years, and how I finally mastered leading a happy, healthy & successful life.

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