Coaching Approach

Sometimes it is not easy to know what makes us unique, happy or to know who we are. You have the feeling that you are unable, you fail in everything and feel weird? You are not alone. Many highly sensitive and creative people feel this way because their qualities have not been appreciated for many years and they are constantly trying to adapt. Forget it. You will not get far. Trying to adapt to others, will neither make your happy nor successful and certainly not healthy.

My job is to help you to understand your difference, to show you your possibilities. I will show you what successful people do, and help you to change your behaviour and to take courageously the first step towards a successful, happy and healthy life.



I believe that a simple, authentic and creative life by using our natural resources and skills is the basis of happiness and health. A happy and healthy person knows himself/herself, can be authentic and leads a life in harmony with himself/herself.


I’ll show you how to go through life differently and better. You will feel confident, creative, natural and autonomous, love yourself and build a better relationship with yourself and others.

I will help you to get back into the flow and find a suitable and creative solution. I work with enthusiasm and transparency and would like to transfer this to you. Let yourself be inspired. If you are open to new and non-traditional ways, willing to learn and seriously looking for change and willing to act every day, have perseverance and a strong will, we can start.


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