You want to be in a happy, healthy & successful love relationship?

You wonder how to create a relationship that lasts? How to resolve conflicts in love? How to communicate? How to get rid of boredom and revive the passion in your relationship? Have you lost the connection with your partner? Is your relationship a mixture of fighting, withdrawing and loss of sexual arousal? Once we found the right partner and after spending the first ecstatic moments, conflict, boredom and jealousy lead many couples to separate hoping to find a partner that fits better.


During my 5 weeks online coaching program ‘Happy, healthy and successful relationship‘, you’ll discover:

  • how to create a relationship in the long run!
  • how to resolve conflicts!
  • how to create a deep connection with your partner!
  • how to remove blocks and boredom!
  • how to communicate to be heard and understood by your partner!
  • how to be authentic without playing power games!
  • how to avoid relationship drama while communicating your feelings!

Benefits of my 5 weeks online coaching program ‘Happy, healthy and successful relationship‘:

  • Better know and better understand your needs and the needs of your partner
  • Identify if your couple can last or if a separation is inevitable
  • Feel more desirable
  • Dare to be yourself, have confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Create a relationship based on more trust, love and self-responsibility
  • Fewer power games, less stress, less anger and resentment
  • Fewer disappointments in love, less loneliness and frustration

During this online program Happy, healthy and successful relationship a mixture of different approaches help you discover a variety of methods and to select the most suitable for you.

5 weeks online coaching

Once per week you will receive an email with inspiring content to work through, proven strategies, tools and my personal advice and secrets for changing your love life and being happy, healthy & successful in your relationship.

5 hours individual phone coaching (once per week)

Once per week we will speak by phone or by skype to discuss your progress, to go through your individual questions and to provide you with personalised mind and energy healing tools.

Downloadable Workbook

You will get your workbook in small portions once per week for download. You can keep it, print it and work through it over and over again. Worksheets, Self-check, Self commitment sheets with more than 20 pages exercises.

Only 269 EUR

The rate for individuals is 269 EUR EUR per person. The rate includes 5 hours phone or skype coaching, videos, a work book, checklists, quizzes and self-check at the end of each week.

Practical information

The online coaching workshops are scheduled for 5 weeks including 5 hours individual coaching by phone or skype (1 per week).

*Please notice all my coachings are available also as individual intensive coaching (by face-to face, Skype or phone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact me!

Julia Noyel is consultant and trainer working for companies from various industries such as IT, retail, luxury, service and is lecturer in various business schools. Certified Coach & Psychological Counselor and author of several self-help books including black sheep lives better: how to change and realize your dream life  and The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children, she has over 15 years of experience in the field of personal development, people management & leadership. Expert in self-confidence, communication, emotional management, people management & leadership, body-mindfulness and authenticity and inspired by various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), NLP, management, creativity tools and energy healing, her goal is to enable everyone to do it differently and better and to be happy, healthy & successful in their love lives.

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