How to attract your dream life

Well, I remember the time when I was chasing after things, after people, after success. I worked hard, I spend all my time on my work, thinking “well, when will you finally succeed in what you are doing?” It was a difficult time. But I also remember a time when everything was easy, life was so beautiful. I worked a lot, but it was not hard. Everything was easy. I felt so good. Customers called me. Success and money came to me easily. I had plenty of work and a 6 figure salary, just within one year after having started my own activity as international HR Consultant. So what could have happened? Why after this easy going time, I experienced life suddenly so differently?

Let’s go back to the beginning of my story to better understand.

When I first started my consultancy business I did it all MY WAY. I followed my intuition, I followed my guts. I felt confident. People gave me tips. “You need to contact this person, and this person, do cold calls.” A lot of people told me to follow the tipical strategy. “Go out, sell, call and offer your services.” The thing is, I am a highly sensitive and introverted person. As most of the highly sensitive and creative people I hate chasing after customers, selling the services, do this traditional sales thing. Nevertheless people told me that this was what I was supposed to do if I wanted to be successful.

I have been working on my own for 10 years now and I have never done a single cold call. To be honest I just don’t feel doing it. And I don’t want to force me.

I always knew that this was not for me, it was a waste of time. So I didn’t follow the strategy most of people told me to follow. I used my own strategy and it worked perfectly. But then came a time, one day, when I suddenly felt unsure and doubts came over me. People stopped calling me, money left and I started chasing after customers, money, success. I listened to people, I changed my marketing strategy and it did not work. I had no success. Life became difficult. I worked hard wondering what happened to me. It took me some years to understand.

The majority of people who fail in realizing their dream life, work hard, chase after things. They do things to look good. They do it as everybody else does, just realizing months or years later that it was the wrong approach, as I did.

So what is the Secret? People who successfully realize their dream life have powerful tools in order to attract their dream life to them. They have a clear vision and a specific mindset. They follow their heart and their intuition, exactly as I did when it all worked fine. They use the appproach that works best for them, they believe in themselves and it’s their attitude and positive thoughts that help them to attract their dream life. They are in a flow. They fly with their life.

If you want to attract your dream life, you need to be in this flow. Therefore you need the right mood, have a clear vision. And you need to shift your energy and change your mindset in order to attract your dream life.

In my training “how to realize your dream life step by step” I teach you powerful tools to change your mood, to listen to your heart, to stay true to yourself. You learn how to shift your energy in order to realize your dreams and attract success, happiness and money effortlessness to you. If you want to know more about, please feel free to check it out here.


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