How to handle people who reject your high sensitivity?

How to survive as a highly sensitive person in a world that does not always understand how and to which degree we can feel the emotions and suffering from our sensitivity? In this article you will learn how to handle people who reject your high sensitivity. If you a are a highly sensitive person you might often feel rejected by people around you who tell you that you are too sensitive.  As a highly sensitive person I know how you feel. Being rejected for who we are can be a violent feeling, especially being rejected for our highly sensitivity. People tell us to be less emotional because they cannot handle our strong emotions and often leave us with a feeling of being a bad person, inferior or just not good. The question is how to handle those situations? Should you beat yourself up? Many highly sensitive people do this, they try to change, but most of the time it does not work.

Here you find 8 strategies to better handle people who reject your highly sensitivity:

1. Chose with whom you are talking about your feelings and not

From my experience, if you are highly sensitive person it is important to chose with whom you are going to talk about your deep emotions. People are different and not all people are able to hear, get or understand your strong emotions. People who reject your highly sensitivity do not know what it means to feel. It is scary fro them. Therefore chose wisely with whom your are going to talk about: “I feel.”

2. Forgive others

Often this is not bad faith of people if they say “you need to be less sensitive”, even the contrary, people want to protect you, because they do not want you to suffer, because they know that the world can be cruel. Also they do not think like you, they do not think about the meaning of the words they use.  Also they do not think like you, they do not think about the meaning of the words they use. Maybe you know the following situation: Someone made a remark that you took badly because this remark was not very nice from your point of view. You are surprised and the answer is “but I was just kidding.” As a highly sensitive person we suffer because we do not like making jokes a lot. Be aware,  people sometimes hide behind a mask, they use humour because they feel fear or because they feel uncomfortable. Understanding this can help you. You cannot change others, you can not turn your friends and family in highly sensitives as you can not turn you into less sensitive, but you can change your own attitude and reactions.

3. Know that you are ok

It can be confusing beeing surrounded by so many people who tell us to be different. We need to have a strong mindset to remind ourselves: We are ok as we are. If you feel strongly, you are ok as you are.

4. Excuse if you behaved badly

Sometimes it might happen that we have conflict with others, people might reject us, because we bahaved badly. Make the difference between your highly sensitivity and bad behavior. If you behaved badly (called names, critised someone, etc.) excuse.

5. Walk  away from toxic, emotional unavailable people

When we are highly sensitive we often attract toxic, emotional unavailable and manipulive people. They are our shadow side. You might have difficulties to handle situations with some people as they are toxic. Toxic people will rarely change their behavior and show empathy. Wondering how to handle people who reject your highly sensitivity? If they are toxic there might be just one solution: Do not waste your time, walk away or limit time with those people.

6. Surround yourself by people who are empathic

When we reject our own highly sensitivity we are drawn to people who reject us and who tell us over and over again: you are too senstive. You need to learn to surround ourselves with people who are empathic and who listen to you when you talk about your feelings. There are plenty out there.

7. Learn tools to protect you and to handle your highly sensitivity

When we are highly sensitive we often try to cope with tools that  people who are not highly sensitive recommand to us. This does not work. You need to use tools that fit your highly sensitivity.

8. Create a life that fits your highly sensitivity

When we are highly sensitive we need to ceate a life that fits our personnality. You want to learn

  • how to create a different, happy, healthy & successful life? 
  • to like your sensitivity and how to be authentic
  • how to love yourself fully
  • how to better know yourself
  • how to dare speaking up for yourself
  • how to stop wanting to please others
  • how to say ‘no’ and respect your boundaries

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