HSP Better handle your emotions with EFT

Are you HSP and you better want to to handle your emotions? With EFT this is possible. If you are a highly sensitive person as I am you might suffer from strong emotions. As HSP our emotions are sometimes so strong that we barely can stand them. For many years I have suffered from this, too. So I can imagine how you feel. Today I know that there are effective and powerful tools to better handle strong emotions and to get rid of unconscious beliefs. So if you struggled so far with strong anger outbursts, fear, sadness or even numbness, chronic pain, there is definitely hope.

HSP Better handle your emotions with EFT

Here is one of the most effective and powerful techniques I use for myself and my clients, I would like to share with you today. This technique is called: Emotional freedom technique also called EFT. This technique was created by his founder Gary Craig. It consists of tapping different points on your body. EFT is an amazing technique I almost use every day. It has become part of my daily routine! This incredible technique helped me to get rid of deep-rooted beliefs, past trauma, soften my emotions and even get rid of my pain and improve my blood results after having seen several doctors unable to help me.

Here are some examples of how EFT can help if you are HSP or highly sensitive:

  • Solve relationship issues, get your ex back
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Attract healthier people
  • Get rid of your fears or anger, shame
  • Your friend does not call and you feel angry about it
  • You are afraid of closeness
  • You have issues with your family
  • You fail in your work
  • You have chronic pain
  • You are too shy
  • You lack self-esteem
  • You think negatively
  • etc.

Those are only some of the issues you can solve with EFT in a few minutes or hours. EFT is really fun because you involve the whole body. Especially for people who are kinesthetic love it, but not only. It also works for other people. It also works from distance and with visio. This is what is really amazing. You even do not need to tap on yourself. I can do it for you.  And what is good, once you master it, you can even use it on your own. You can experiment with it. Here you discover more about how I can help.

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Julia Noyel is founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life. She is certified coach & psychological advisor, consultant & trainer and expert in self-confidence.

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