Create a different, happy, healthy life. NOW. With SUBSTANCE

Build inner SUBSTANCE & Master the art of a happy,  healthy & successful life

SUBSTANCE CLEANSING for. A different, happy, healthy & successful lifeDo you suffer from the same problems, behaviors, relationship problems over and over again, cannot free yourself from stuck emotions? Are you empathic or highly sensitive? Do you keep meeting the same partner, have chronic pain or are you often ill?

Every single problem we have, no matter whether it is health, relationship problems, money, problems at work, or other recurring topics, happens in my experience because we carry around wrong conclusions from the past. These come from traumatic events that can date back thousands of years and continue to vibrate energetically within us. If we break free from it, we can finally be permanently happy, healthy, and successful.

 a 10 Week Program including 8 individual coaching sessions 
to overcome self-doubts and release blockages


In this 10 week intensive program you will discover how I freed myself with my 12 step SUBSTANCE CLEANSINGfor. from sudden intense pain, panic attacks, paranormal appearance and further problems and learn SUBSTANCE Cleansingfor. to help yourself.

My SUBSTANCE Cleansing program helps to connect with our intuition and to free you from

  • old harmful patterns,
  • unhealthy behaviors
  • relational problems
  • negativea and stuck energies,
  • trapped emotions and

to raise our energy level  on a permanent basis.

Detailed programm:


Phase 1: In this phase I will share with you my story and how I healed myself.
We will take a stock of your current situations and clarify your expectations and goals.

Phase 2: In this phase you will learn how to identify topics to release in order to heal yourself and get a substant mind.
In this phase you will learn how to detect blockages you need to release in order to heal yourself and get a substant mind.

Phase 3: In this phase you will get prepared for starting your actual self-healing.
I will share with you my experience and tips and lessons I have learned about how to find a perfect cleansing place,  which ones you should rather avoid, how to stay safe during your self-healing yourney and we will schedule your self-healing activity and estimate time. I will share with you how I organised myself for my self-healing activity.

Phase 4: In this phase I will  show you how I identified blockages by using my intuition and the SUBSTANCEMIND® approach to release the issues.
I will share with you my worksheets and catergory sheet I build for myself together with the universe and god creator of all that is and that helped me to get a clear mind, to understand the TRUE reasons for my past struggles in my life. and get rid of any self-doubts and pain as well as successfully healed myself.

Phase 5: In this phase you will learn how to release step by step the issues by using the SUBSTANCEMIND® approach I have developped for myself with help of god and universe as well my higher self

You will learn the exact 12 steps I have used and I will share with you the exact script I have used to heal myself, to reset myself ready for an amazing deep love relationship and having children, release any self-doubts, negative patterns any blockages from my life. 

Phase 6: In this phase you will learn how deal with challenging interference during your self-healing journey.

I will teach you how I dealed with interferences, different kind of energies and how I stay focused to reach my goal.


Phase 7: In this phase you will learn how deal with anxiety and doubts, low motivation during your self-healing journey.

I will teach you how I dealed with anxiety and challenges, low motivation during my healing journey. I share with you what I did to calm myself, how to overcome moments of huge fear and techniques how to deal with unpleasant feelings, stay motivated, and develop survival strategies for challenging times.

The benefits of my 10 weeks SUBSTANCE-Cleansingfor. Program

  • change your life permanently
  • allow to heal your body, mind and soul
  • feel calm and under control
  • feel powerful
  • free oneself from contradicting beliefs
  • shape one’s life autonomously
  • to increase our energy level in the long term
  • change your life completely.

For whom?

For all people who are struggling in their love life, with having children, finance or with healing their ailments. All people, especially highly sensitive and Empaths, who want to be happy, healthy, successful, have tried a lot of different things to change and to heal, but nothing worked, or things even worthened, who have the impression they have no control over their lifes, body, mind, soul. When the doctors cannot find the reason for your struggles. All people who want to heal themselves or have the capacity to heal.

Once you have subcribed, I will contact you within 48 hrs to fix the appointments for the sessions. Please contact me for payment facilities.

Julia Noyel Inner SUBSTANCE Coach & intuitivee healerWhy learn with me?

I have healed myself successfully several times in my life, getting rid of intense pain, chronic disease doctors could not find the reasons for or believed impossible. I have done a complete reset of my body, mind, and soul and reprogrammed all my cells completely from more than 1000 of years of trauma. After having done this (that was to be honest kind of forced due to intense sudden pain) for 14 months full-time I not only healed myself successfully, but also my life completely changed as I finally discovered my true strengths and gift, the amazing functioning of the spiritual world, of my body mind and soul and overcame always repeating patterns, self-doubts, and strong emotions and could finally create a solid foundation for succeeding in my deepest heart desires of having children and a deep loving, harmonious love relationship with my man. I have been early passionate about self-healing, instant healing and understanding root causes. During my spiritual awakening and to solve my pain, I have created SUBSTANCEMIND® helping myself to reach my goal of not only on healing but also building a solid foundation for a happy healthy & successful life, becoming a great person for myself and others, creating balance.

Passionate about authenticity, love, self-healing, and driven by excellence I made it my mission to help everyone to be able to heal for a happy, healthy and successful life. In this programm I share with you the process I used to reach my goal. I am a certified coach, consultant and trainer, certified coach and psychological advisor as well as expert and researcher in intuitive healing of psychological and personal disorders, chronic disease.


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