SUBSTANCE CLEANSING for. A different, happy, healthy & successful lifeDo you suffer from the same problems, behaviors, relationship problems over and over again, cannot free yourself from stuck emotions? Are you empathic or highly sensitive? Do you keep meeting the same partner, have chronic pain or are you often ill?

Every single problem we have, no matter whether it is health, relationship problems, money, problems at work, or other recurring topics, happens in my experience because we carry around wrong conclusions from the past. These come from traumatic events that can date back thousands of years and continue to vibrate energetically within us. If we break free from it, we can finally be permanently happy, healthy, and successful.


In this 10 week intensive program you will discover how I freed myself with my 12 step SUBSTANCE CLEANSINGfor. from sudden intense pain, panic attacks, paranormal appearance and further problems and learn SUBSTANCE Cleansingfor. to help yourself.

My SUBSTANCE Cleansing program helps to connect with our intuition and to free you from

  • old harmful patterns,
  • unhealthy behaviors
  • relational problems
  • negativea and stuck energies,
  • trapped emotions and

to raise our energy level  on a permanent basis.

The benefits of my 10 weeks SUBSTANCE-Cleansingfor. Program

  • change your life permanently
  • feel calm and under control
  • feel powerful
  • free oneself from contradicting beliefs
  • shape one’s life autonomously
  • to increase our energy level in the long term.

For whom?

All people, especially highly sensitive and Empaths, who want to be happy, healthy, successful, have tried a lot of different things to change, but nothing worked, or things even worthened, who have the impression they have no control over their lifes.

3 hours online training

Two Online-Groups appointments (à 90 minutes) where you will learn my 12 steps SUBSTANCEMIND®-Approach, inspiring Contents, and my personal advice and secrets.

8 hours of personal phone coaching

8 Follow up Individual appointments in which we speak by phone or Skype to discuss your progress, answer your individual questions, and provide you with individual tools.

Downloadable workbook

You will receive your workbook for download. You can keep them, print them and work through them again and again.

1158 EUR

The price for individuals is 1158 EUR. The price includes 8 hours of telephone or Skype coaching, 3 hours of online training, a work book.

Practical information

* Please note that all my coaching programs are also offered as individual intensive training (face to face, Skype or telephone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact Me!


Check calendar below to see start dates for all programs and languages.

Start date 2021




Once you have subcribed, I will contact you within 48 hrs to fix the appointments for the sessions. Please contact me for payment facilities.

Julia Noyel is inner SUBSTANCE Coach, certified Coach & Psychological Counselor and author of several self-help books including black sheep live better: how to change and realize your dream life and The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children, The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of personal development, self & people management & leadership, consultant and trainer working for individuals and companies from various industries such as IT, retail, luxury, service with more than 10 years experience in training, coaching people. She is a lecturer in various business schools. Expert in self-confidence & education, HSP, Highly sensitivity, empaths, Infps, creatives, communication, emotional management, people management & leadership, and authenticity, her approach is body-mind-spirit focussed. Trained in various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), NLP, management, creativity tools and energy healing (EFT, Jin shin Jyutsu, Reiki, magnetism), she has developed her own approaches: SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCE CLEANSINGfor. two powerful programs that transformed her life and those of her clients after having studied, researched and experimented with the most effective, inspiring, and latest techniques in the field of mind & cell reprogramming, subconscious mind functioning, cell memories, energy healing, and divine & intuitive healing. Her goal is to enable everyone to be self-confident, happy, healthy & successful in life permanently.


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