Group Coaching

atelierDuring a Group Coaching we intensively discuss the needs and wishes of the different group members (team, department, family). The approach is very hands on and short-term oriented. The aim is to enable you and all members (colleagues, team members, children, partner) to quickly make positive changes in the relationship. As Coach I accompany and facilitate for finding an answer to the questions of all parties and help to design strategies.

When is a group coaching useful?

You want to change the relationship within your company, team, you partner, children positively and want to know if I can help you as a coach?

Here are some common issues that can be dealt with in the scope of a group coaching. If you find yourself in one or several questions and want an answer to your questions, a family or group coaching is the best solution for you:

  •      How can we better deal with or solve conflicts?
  •      How can we improve communication?
  •      How can we communicate to be heard and be authentic?
  •      How can we efficiently organize all our tasks and improve our time management?
  •      How can we reduce stress?
  •      What do we need to do in order to respect each other?
  •      How can we improve and revitalize our relationship?
  •      How can we combine work and private life?

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.