“I love people, diversity, creativity, the difference!
I think it is the acceptance of our difference
that makes us grow, mature and let’s move forward to happiness, health & success.” – Julia Noyel

I am Coach, Trainer, Consultant & founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life. I am passionate about my life and enthusiastically share my experiences and techniques in order to teach people how to create a different, happy, healthy and successful life. I am author of the book ‘Black sheep live better’ as well The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children, as various articles and lecturer at Business Schools (ESDES LYON Business School-Université catholique de Lyon, Skema Business School, etc.). I speak fluent English, French and German.


MY Story

Born in Munich, it was my heart that has driven me to France during my studies where I have been living permanently since 2006. I work worldwide (and particularly in France and Germany) as an Expert and trainer in self-confidencen and in living a happy, healthy & successful life.

My passion

Passionate and specialised in Difference, Self-confidence, Happiness, Success, Body-mind approaches, Energy work, best parenting practises, better relationships, leadership, authentic communication & Personal Branding I am focusing my research on those topics in order to help people to be happy, healthy and successful in life. As a highly sensitive and creative, I have long-time wondered how to survive in a society, especially in the corporate world, which operates so differently than I do.

My professional path

After my studies of International Economics (focus on Strategy & Change Management) and International Labour Law and Mobility I decided to work as a consultant for a huge consultancy. For several years, I have gained experience in various topics, such as business consulting, change management, leadership, people management international HR management, HR development & HR marketing (Employer branding) with various industries such as retail, luxury, IT, service, pharmaceuticals, automotive and power working for various consultancies and multinationals including ABB, AT Kearney, Cartus. My combined experiences as an HR manager and Consultant have enabled me to develop expertise in both strategical as well as operational aspects. During my years of experience working as an employee, I quickly realised that I needed more than technical skills to be happy, healthy & successful in life. So I was interested very early in methods of personal growth, emotional management, authentic communication and leadership integrating body mind approaches. I was successful in my job, however, my heart and body told me to STOP. I wanted to have more time, more money and be independent. So I followed my intuition and quit after only 6 years professional experience and with only 30 years to become my own boss. I created ZenExpat’ (www.zenexpat.com) specialised in Global Mobility and started working freelance Consultant in 2010. Within one year my revenues increased drastically, I had more time and more fun, however working in HR consulting still was not completely my passion. I wanted to help people to be happy, healthy and successful in life and so I started a coaching certification and created Art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life in 2013.

What I like

Difference, Creativity, Emotions, Life long learning; Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Authentic & non-violent communication, Leadership, Management, Innovation, Technology, highly sensitives, take my time, painting, reading, art, music, writing, yoga, dancing, nature, French, Italian & Asian cooking, Energy work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, philosophy, laughing, Travelling, spending time with my friends & family;

Photo Credit : www.alicedardun.com