My coaching tools : nlp eft jin shin jyutsu cannes nice lyon

Expert in the field of inner SUBSTANCE, self-confidence & self-esteem, happiness, health & success, mind & cell reprogramming, subconscious mind functioning & reprogramming, cell memories, energy healing, and divine & intuitive healing.

My coaching tools : energy healing, nlp eft jin shin jyutsu

I propose nlp eft jin shin jyutsu in cannes nice lyon and online but not only. (-:

My coaching tools are individual, simple & highly efficient

Trained in various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), NLP, management, creativity tools and energy healing (EFT, Jin shin Jyutsu, Reiki, magnetism), I have developed my own approaches:
The SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCE CLEANSINGfor. two powerful programs that transformed my life and those of my clients after having studied, researched, and experimented with the most effective, inspiring, and latest techniques in the field of mind & cell reprogramming, subconscious mind functioning, cell memories, energy healing, and divine & intuitive healing. My goal is to
enable everyone to have a strong inner SUBSTANCE, to be self-confident, raise self-esteem and be happy, healthy & successful in life permanently. 
I speak fluent English, French, and German.

Apart from proposing the above-mentioned approaches, I help my clients to find methods that are adapted to the individual needs. The aim is that my clients are autonomous and that they can apply all the techniques themselves at any time. It is important to me that each of my clients remains the director of his life (artist). The client is responsible for his life as well as for a change in his life. Constant control of one’s own progress is particularly important. My tools are simple and creative and leading to long-lasting permanent changes. I have been practicing self-coaching and personal development for many years, only using techniques that I have personally tested, which are efficient and which I continue to practice regularly.


What I am expert in

Coming from the business world, helding a master degree in international economics with specialisation in Strategy & Changement as well as a Master Degree in international labor law, I am trained in Management, Change management, HR development, behavioral coaching, emotional intelligence, authentic & nonviolent communication and creative techniques. After having worked for years as a trainer, consultant, and coach, I have developed my own integrative approaches:

freeing your inner SUBSTANCE




2) The SUBSTANCE-formula
for building a
strong inner SUBSTANCE
develop self-esteem and self-confidence.


I am being convinced that body, mind, and spirit form a unit not only in a private context but also in the job. I am trained and certified on body-spirit-mind approaches and intuitive & divine energy healing (emotional and energetic (EFT, Tapping, Focusing and Japanese techniques as Reiki Jin shin jyutsu, Feng shui), member of Gary Craig’s high-end training, certified by EFT World center, Jin Shin Jyutsu France and certified Coach and pyschological advisor by the European School of Hamburg, I have been testing all methods and tools for years.
 I propose training and coaching in Cannes, Nice, Lyon, and online all over the world.

My  Coaching Tools

Highly sensitive, introverted and creative people are very sensitive, somatize a lot, and receptive to energy and body-mind methods. I have tested various tools on myself for years and developed particularly effective techniques for highly sensitive, introverted, body driven and creative people. As an Expert for authentic leadership, communication and emotional intelligence, personal & employer branding, energy healing I have been inspired by various tools from diverse fields such as management, emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, body-mind (energy and emotion), energy healing and expression and creative techniques, and use today my own two integrative approaches that enable an innovative, successful, happy and healthy life.

Sequence of Coaching session

According to my clients’ wishes and project, the coaching takes place either from distance (by skype or telephone), at the client’s office, or in Cannes, Nice or Lyon. Each service is subject to a written contract and is carried out within an ethics code framework and concluded with an action plan. The number of hours depends on my clients’ personal needs and the programs chosen.
You can choose a one-time coaching or a weekly, or two-week, or monthly coaching. I also offer packages (5 or 10 hours) or 2 to 12 weeks. I give expert advice, workshops, and seminars worldwide in German, English, and French.

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