Pick a card extended
intuitive healing session (Video recorded)
length of video 60-90 Min

164 EUR


In this video-recorded intuitive healing session, I will do an intuitive healing session on one of my Youtube Video pick a card readings. This video recorded session is on one topic of your choice of the pile (1 card) you had picked as well the conflicting beliefs.

The aim of this intuitive distant healing session is to help you to become aware of what might be causing your issues or contributing to your pain or disease. I use my intuitive skills and my SUBSTANCEMIND® approach to help you to release subconscious blockages.

How does it work?

After having paid by Paypal you send me an email to julia at julinoyel.com with the link of the youtube video and the number or the pile you had chosen as well as the card you want me to work on.

Once I receive your email I will within max 48 hrs identify intuitively the root causes and then work with my SUBSTANCEMIND® approach to release them. I will then send you the video.

What You’ll Receive/Content of video

Between 60-90 minute recorded video. At the beginning of the video I will give you further details about my intuitive insights. (ca 15min) in the second part of the video I will do the intuitive healing. Please notice there will be no music and no image to reduce disturbances. It is essential you watch the video from beginning to end. Only watch it when you have enough time. One time is normally enough. You do not need to literally watch the screen but have full intention of improving your state and releasing any blockages.

Please read disclaimer. Once you pay and booked the video recording you accepted the below disclaimer.

Fees: 164 EUR payment in advance by Paypal or credit card