How I discovered my psychic gift

how I discovered my psychic gift

Are you wondering if you have any psychic gift? Are you experiencing strange things?I can imagine how you feel! My name is Julia and I am founder of a happy, healthy & successful life and Expert, highly Intuitive and expert in body-mind-soul communication.

In this very personal video I share my story and experience of how I discovered my psychic gift over time. Please feel free to contact me or subscribe to my coaching programs to feel less alone and get control back over your life.

In order to allow me to continue my work here on youtube, please kindly help me by liking and commenting on my videos, by subscribing and sharing my videos.

A propos

Julia Noyel is the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life & SUBSTANCEMIND® (Expert in Mind & Cell Reprogramming). She is inner SUBSTANCE Coach (Expert in Self-esteem & Strong Mindset) & certified coach, psychological advisor & highly intuitive. She believes that anything is possible and is obsessed with researching and finding the best tools to create a different, sustainable, happy, healthy & successful life. Her aim is to share her deep knowledge & wisdom, intuitive insights, expert advice, personal experience, and SUCCESS strategies with you to become self-reliant, increase self-awareness, be balanced, and to create a perfect, sustainable, happy, healthy, and successful life based on mindfulness and LOVE & romance, as well as raising happy, healthy and thriving children in a mindful and non-overbearing way, preventing health and psychological problems for you, your children and your loved ones!

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