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11 Weeks ‘Spiritual Awakening’ Survival Coaching

 a 11 Week intensive Coaching Program including 9 individual coaching sessions 
to survive the spiritual awakening process and to be HAPPY, HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL again
1111 EUR

Get your life back under control. Join my 11 Weeks Spiritual awakening intensive coaching program.

You were thrown in the middle of spiritual awakening maybe after intensive spiritual practice or energy healing work? Did you start a twin flame journey? Do you struggle? You suffer from permanent confusion, intensive fear? Intensive pain after spiritual practice or retreat? Paranormal things happening to you? Nobody prepared you for all this new and scary awareness? You have the impression you are losing your mind?
Is this familiar to you? Sometimes we do things before reflecting on the consequences.

11 Weeks Spiritual awakening Survival Coaching


Spiritual awakening can be a nice project however not always fun when we have not planned it. It happened to me and I Know how lost and alone this might make us feel. In this program, you will discover all you need to kind of survive this period of spiritual awakening, to develop self-management and set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in life once you got out of this period of awakening. This 11 weeks program is based on my own experience of spiritual awakening (without using any meditation or yoga.)

What you will learn

During my  11 Weeks Spiritual Awakening intensive coaching you will acquire important skills to get control back.

Following topics are covered

  • What is spiritual awakening?
  • What are the signs of spiritual awakening?
  • How to calm your fears and strong emotions during the spiritual awakening process?
  • How to understand and use signs from the universe?
  • Most efficient tools to get control back over your life in uncertain times
  • Stay positive and optimistic
  • How to handle paranormal and spirits activities
  • Prepare for your life after the spiritual awakening period

Get all the benefits

Benefits of my 11 weeks spiritual awakening survival intensive coaching:

  • Being encouraged and inspired by my own story of spiritual awakening
  • Being not alone in these overwhelming moments
  • Detect and protect against negative energies
  • Learning other tools than yoga and meditation
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness
  • Better well-being and better understand pain
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Emotional intelligence and become emotionally independent
  • Concrete and practical methods with a soul-body-mind approach
  • Simple and inspiring tools easily applicable by everyone
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant

For whom?

All people who were thrown into spiritual awakening without having been prepared to it, people who need assistance to go through spiritual awakeneing process, rational mind struggling with the  spiritual word, all who better want to understand spiritual awakening, all people on twin flame journey struggling with spiritual awakening symptoms and issues, want to get control back over their life;

Weekly online material

For the 11 weeks coaching program: Once per week you will receive an email with inspiring content to work through, proven strategies, tools and my personal advice and secrets for the spiritual awakening period and being happy, healthy & successful in life again.

9 hours of individual phone coaching for the 11 weeks program

During the 9 appointments, we will speak by phone or by skype to discuss your progress, to go through your individual questions and to provide you with personalized mind and energy healing tools to go through spiritual awakening period.

Downloadable workbook

You will get small portions once per week for download for 11 weeks class. You can keep it, print it and work through it over and over again. Worksheets, Self-check, Self-commitment sheets with more than 111 pages exercises.

Payment flexibility

The rate for individuals is 1111 EUR (installment payment upon demand 2 (=555,5 EUR/month) times) for the 11 weeks coaching program. The rate includes videos, a workbook, checklists, quizzes and self-check 9 hours follow-up phone or skype coaching for the 11 week program.

 Practical information

* Please note that all my coaching programs are also offered as individual intensive training (face to face, Skype or telephone) worldwide in French, German and English! Contact Me!


Check calendar below to see start dates for all programs and languages.

 Start date 2021





Intensive Coaching:  

  • 11 weeks intensive coaching program
  • 2,5 hrs video sessions
  • > 111 pages workbook
  • approximately 5 to 7 hrs self-study/week
  • 9 hrs individual visio / phone coaching
  • 1111 EUR

For installment payment please contact me. Once you ordered the program, I will contact you within 24 hours to fix the 9 appointments and send you first session content.

 About the Coach
Julia Noyel is inner SUBSTANCE Coach, certified Coach & Psychological Counselor and author of several self-help books including black sheep live better: how to change and realize your dream life and The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children, The SUBSTANCE-FORMULA: Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of personal development, self & people management & leadership, consultant and trainer working for individuals and companies from various industries such as IT, retail, luxury, service with more than 10 years experience in training, coaching people. She is a lecturer in various business schools. Expert in self-confidence & education, HSP, Highly sensitivity, empaths, Infps, creatives, communication, emotional management, people management & leadership, and authenticity, her approach is body-mind-spirit focussed. Trained in various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), NLP, management, creativity tools and energy healing (EFT, Jin shin Jyutsu, Reiki, magnetism), she has developed her own approaches: SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCE CLEANSINGfor. two powerful programs that transformed her life and those of her clients after having studied, researched and experimented with the most effective, inspiring, and latest techniques in the field of mind & cell reprogramming, subconscious mind functioning, cell memories, energy healing, and divine & intuitive healing. Her goal is to enable everyone to be self-confident, happy, healthy & successful in life permanently.

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