Highly sensitive & creative – Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

You are highly sensitive and you want to improve your anger & rage management – you want to know how to stop yelling at your spouse, your children, at work? Are you highly sensitive and creative and quite expressive ? (-: Also when it comes to anger? You want to get control over your intense emotions? I have good news. You can be highly sensitive manage your anger, stop yelling at your spouse, children coworker. Yes, you can.

Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

You have put a lot of effort into trying to change things for the better. You want to stay calm and relaxed when you are with your spouse, children. You have tried several things for improving, using emotional intelligence. You are wondering what is the secret ‘staying calm’? You only meet people perfectly mastering their emotions. Why are others so good at keeping calm and control over their emotions?

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

You have so strong and deep emotions. If you have already tried different techniques to better handle your anger like breathing, doing yoga, counting until ten, express your anger calmly I believe these tips are great and they work depending on the context and person. Those strategies are rational.

The thing is that as a highly sensitive person if you have heard to be less sensitive, to less express your emotions been told for years that you are not ok as you are you feel your sensitive needs have not been respected letting go the pain will help you. I believe, working on a deeper level the root cause will help you.
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