Highly sensitive & creative – Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

You are highly sensitive and you want to improve your anger & rage management – you want to know how to stop yelling at your spouse, your children, at work? Are you highly sensitive and creative and quite expressive, even explosive! (-: Also when it comes to anger? Do you feel completely frustrated and you think you will never get any control over your intense emotions? I have good news. You can be highly sensitive and manage your anger, stop yelling at your spouse, children or coworker. Yes, you can. Being highly sensitive myself and having trained and coached many people, I have, after many years of error and trial finally figured out how and I can tell you that it is possible.

Why you can’t stop yelling despite your efforts

You have put a lot of effort into trying to change things, stay calmed and relaxed but you still fail and continue screaming and yelling at your spouse, children, etc. Your problem: the rage goes up so fast, surprises you, and becomes uncontrollable! You find yourself screaming or yelling at your spouse or child even after having worked for years on improving, using emotional intelligence etc, becoming defensive easily. You look more like a bulldog than a highly sensitive person and you hate yourself! You are wondering what the…is the secret of staying calm? Why are others so good at keeping calm and control over their emotions? Besides, you only meet people perfectly mastering their emotions while you jump as stung by a tarantula? You are wondering when you will finally manage to control your emotions, especially your anger? You feel frustrated.

Being highly sensitive myself this was my case and it took me over 40 years before I could figure out the real thing and change things on a permanent and sustainable basis. Having also trained many people in the last years, I have seen many people who feel like you and me. And most of them had (and I had, too) a misconception about how to control anger and better manage their emotions. Often they did not know what caused them to have such intense temper tantrums, they all did things that made their situation worse. I did, too!

Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

The thing is that as a highly sensitive person we have often heard to be less sensitive, to less express our emotions. You might have been told for years that you are not ok as you are. Your sensitive needs have not been respected for years. There is so much frustration that you built up in yourself that if someone tells you that you are too sensitive, tells you that your emotions are not ok, or does not take into consideration your needs.

You have so strong and deep emotions that you are unable to control them rationally, especially in moments when you are already over-stimulated.  If you have already tried different techniques to better handle your anger like breathing, doing yoga, counting until ten, express your anger calmly and it does not work, because your emotions are so deep you struggle with getting them controlled with pure mind tools. Most advice you find on the internet or in the literature is about how to identify your emotions, how to better manage them, and how to recognize emotions in others, how to express them. These tips are great and they work occasionally depending on the context. Often they are not enough, because those strategies are rational, and once submerged by the emotion, you will have trouble managing the situation rationally.

I believe, if you want to better manage your anger and stop yelling you need to work on a deeper level, the root cause. While working on my project of getting true love back into my life and after having developed and used my SUBSTANCEMIND approach I finally could figure out what was the true reason for my anger issues and how to solve the issues permanently. Check out more here.