How to cleanse negative energy from your body

how to cleanse negative energy from your body how to cleanse negative energy from your body by julia noyel


How to cleanse negative energy from your body

Is there something going wrong in your life? Maybe in your professional life or/and your love life? Have you been failing over and over again? Wondering how to overcome this? Wanting to finally create a better life? Are you wondering how to cleanse negative energy from your body?

Have you already tried some cleansing techniques to cleanse the energy such as smudging, walking in nature, and using salt baths, but still, things seem not to improve.

From my personal experience as well my experience as inner SUBSTANCE Coach and expert in body-mind-soul communication, when we suffer from negative energy and we have trouble getting rid of it, there are specific reasons for it. When you are smudging, walking in nature and using salt baths, you finally just work on the symptoms. I believe for permanent and sustainable change in life, it would be wiser to work on the root causes.

“A better question is to ask yourself: why do I attract or hold on to the negative energies in my life?” – Julia Noyel

From my point of view, a better question is to ask yourself: why do I attract or hold on to the negative energies in my life? Am I willing to receive the rewards for my hard work? How can I transform?

If you hold on to negative energies one question you might wanna ask yourself: am I lacking the courage to live a different, happy, healthy and successful life, full of deep true love and romance?

What is helpful as I believe is to consciously decide to stop clinging to a life that makes you unhappy.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

My tip: Take a stock of your current life  to analyze your current situation. Then in a second step learn to accept yourself: be authentic.

Create a life that fits you. (check out my book black sheep live better: how to realize your dream life step by step)


How to cleanse negative energy from your body

If you repeatedly attract negative energy it might have been a strategy to help you to develop self-awareness. It might have given you valuable lessons to be able to detect negative energies to feel safer in life. Now it is time to understand that you don’t need to be a master to begin. I invite you: start living your ideal life right now.

You wanna dig deeper to understand where your pain comes from. Are you repeatedly suffering from conflict and frustration?


Transform your life and definitely release negative energy

Being determined and ambitious is definitely helpful to transform your life and definitely release negative energy. Surf your emotions to create safety. In my ‘true love back program’, I share with you the strategy I have used to transform and definitely cleanse from past issues holding me back from living my ideal life. In my program I have summarized all my wisdom, knowledge, and expert advice (I am a certified psychological advisor & certified coach, consultant, and trainer) in an empowering, inspiring playful and efficient way. By the way, to make you succeed, I only use the most innovative & efficient tools and learning & development strategies I have acquired and tested successfully as a corporate coach, consultant, and business school teacher working for the most reputed & mindful actors in this field, having worked many years for the luxury, retail, service, biotech and IT sector.

If you are truly committed to true deep and longlasting change and wanna makes this your priority, get true deep love into your life and succeed on All levels, please feel free to join my 10 months program get true love back to change things for the better, develop your awareness, raise your vibrations and decide to turn things for the better.

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