How to overcome jealousy and be treated as the one forever

How to overcome jealousy and be treated as the one forever


by Julia Noyel

Do you feel annoyed because you are struggling with handling your jealousy? Your problem: jealousy comes up so quickly, catches you by surprise and gets out of control! You wonder what the secret is and why others manage to stay calm and in control so well? When are you going to get a handle on this jealousy? You are frustrated. In this article, I will share with you my secret how to overcome jealousy definitely.

It is often said that you need to learn tools to better handle jealousy situations. Sorry, I do not believe in this!
I believe many people who suffer from this jealousy monster have a wrong idea about how to control jealousy and better manage their emotions. When jealousy surprises them, they want to control and steer and try to follow advice on how to better handle their emotions. However, as I believe what is important is to ask yourself the right questions. And the right question is not how to handle your jealousy but ‘why do I believe true deep love is allowing to flirt and cheat ?’

‘You can feel safe, stop your jealousy and have a relationship in which you are truly loved and respected.’ – Julia Noyel

What really prevents you from getting rid of jealousy

Has your partner cheated on you in the past, and you wonder how to trust him or her again? It seems that some couples manage to overcome this, but you wonder how? Even if you have never been cheated on, jealousy can make your days difficult, and you may begin to doubt yourself. Are you too jealous?

Are you annoyed by your jealousy and your emotional volcanoes, your emotional outbursts? From this feeling of having to control everything? Stop wanting to be afraid all the time!

You can feel safe, stop your jealousy and have a relationship in which you are truly loved and respected.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeSo first I want to share a little secret with you: In my experience, if you are jealous, there is a truly valid reason for it. I believe, the problem is not where you think it is. If others are so good at staying calm and in control, it’s because they might not feel what’s going on at the energetic level or /and they might have values that are not in alignment with true deep love and romance what is probably your value if you are here on my webpage.

So listen to your inner voice and take yourself seriously. If your partner is sharing intimate or sexual energies, emotions or actions with other people he or she is exceeding your boundaries and rules no matter he or she is aware or not of it.

The solution to get rid of your jealousy

First, I believe, if you want to get rid of jealousy permanently, it is important to get out of the victim position. Take full responsibility for what you attract into your life. By saying this, I am not excusing what your partner is doing, nor am I saying that what your partner is doing is your imagination. Your partner is 100 % responsible for cheating (aware or not aware) and you 100% for attracting this into your life.

From my experience, if you attract these situations, it is because there is something in you that attracts it. It could be your unconscious thoughts or your energetic vibrations.

You don’t have to suffer from jealousy all your life. Once you understand how to free yourself from the source of the problem, you can stop looking for tools to better manage your jealousy, because you will no longer feel jealous because there will be no more reason for it. Your partner will change his or her behavior.

From my experience, it is much more pleasant and gives you your power back once you start to work on yourself than to spend your time worrying about your partner.

In my program ‘get true love back – success on all levels’, I will share with you how to stop unhealthy thought patterns, set healthy boundaries, and develop your energetic awareness to break the pattern. In this program, I will show you how to permanently and sustainably free yourself from this jealousy and feel more confident and in control. You will set out on the path towards a happy, healthy, and successful life, with true life romance and lifelong loyalty and integrity, and fidelity.

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