You want to become the best parent you can imagine,
happy, healthy & successful children?

 join my 8 Week Program
to build inner SUBSTANCE, to raise self-esteem & self-confidence, build a strong mind
 to set a solid foundation for HAPPY, HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL children! 690 EUR

master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children



Wanna raise happy, healthy & successful children, be the best parent?


Welcome. If you want to raise happy, health, successful children, you can teach your child skills to be able to build long lasting relationships at work, in the private context, set a solid foundation for a happy, healthy & successful life for your child.


You do not need to be a master to start being a better parent.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help.


You want to get pregnant naturally now

You deeply wish to have children, you want to be good in your parenting job, reach excellence, be best parent

You want to know how to efficiently communicate with your child to build a deep loving trustworthy relationship with your child,

You want  your child listens to you

You want to have enough time for yourself , your child, the person you truly deeplu love ?

You want to help your child to get control over his or her strong emotions 

 You wonder how to effectively protect your child

You wanna help your child to feel good : physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually : physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually 


           Did you find yourself in one of the above?  

What if you can actually become the best parent you can imagine


Fulfill your wishes of having a family, succeed definitely in having children, lead a balanced life.

Realize your project having children now, create a happy family life.

Communicate with your child in efficient, deep loving ways,learn the skills to say the right things.

Get your power back

Trust in yourself & become a role model to your child, succeed in being a great and successful parent

Have enough time for yourself, feel serene in your parenting job

Help your child to get control over his or her strong emotions (anger, jealousy, depression, fears)

Get all the skills to raise autonomous, responsible, self-confident, happy, healthy & successful children

Protect your child

Help your child to feel good physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Get a strategy, tools that actually work.

Whether you…

wanna have children, you already have but you struggle, you are here at the right place.

What you will learn

During my 8 weeks online Training program ‘How to master the art of raising happy, healthy and successful children’, you will acquire the most important skills to help your child to strengthen his, her inner SUBSTANCE, to be balanced, to gain self-confidence, to have a strong mindset, a happy, healthy, successful life on a sustainable basis, to lead a successful life. This 8-week program is based on my own personal experience, expert knowledge as a long-standing corporate consultant, trainer in the field of personality development, people management, leadership, my knowledge as a certified coach, psychological advisor, expert in body-mind-soul communication, highly intuitive, having worked with children from age 5 to 17 with international children.

By the end of this program you will :

  1. Know how to make you feel safe, your child feel safe
  2. have a strategy & tools to feel calm, relaxed
  3. become a responsible parent, having a clear, easy to follow roadmap
  4. adopt a deep loving parenting style
  5. know how to raise autonomous, self-confident children
  6. have techniques to improve the bond with your child, increase your child‘s willingness to listen
  7. help your child to build a happy, healthy & successful life
  8. know how to stay positive, optimistic, develop a strong mind and give you the confidence


Most important features


Get your super power back as a parent or future parent

More contentement a good experience in your parenting job and for you child

Make yourself and your child feel ok, decrease solitude

Help your child to identify his or her feelings and take them seriously as well as develop his or her intuition

Raise autonomous, self-confident & children with a strong mindset

Adopt an ‘I can learn it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Become a strong and inspiring leader to your child, find your joy and see blessings in your life

Develop the perfect time management

Help yourself & your child, find inner peace

Understand you do not need to be a master to be a parent

      Raise children who will change the world for a better.


A one-time payment of 690 EUR
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This programm can also be booked as a 1:1 coaching. Contact me to book a 1:1 coaching.

master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children

You are ready and you feel sure enrolling in this program is what you absolutely need?!

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 What is included in the 8 weeks program?

8 weeks online training

Once per week you will receive an email with inspiring video content to work through, proven strategies, tools and my personal advice and secrets for raising happy, healthy & successful children.

Downloadable Workbook

You will get your workbook in small portions once per week for download. You can keep it, print it and work through it over and over again. Worksheets, Self-check, Self commitment sheets with more than 20 pages exercises.

690 EUR

The rate for individuals is €390 upfront and 2 payments of €150/month
(contact me for couple discount). The rate includes videos, a work book, checklists, quizzes and self-check at the end of each week. Possibility to upgrade to true love back program at any time (+1700 EUR)

Get all the Benefits

  • feel safe, prepare to your parenting job
  • know yourself, your child better
  • be confident with your children
  • become a better role model, be proud of yourself
  • minimize financial & relationship problems for your children
  • better relationships with your children based on trust, love, self-responsibility even once adults
  • balance your own life: more fun, more money, time, better health, more romance!
  • proven parenting strategies!

For whom?

All people who want to feel safe, prepare for the parenting job, become the best & mindful parents possible, who would like to raise happy, healthy & successful, self-confident children, who want to use deep loving, kind parenting skills.

Julia Noyel Inner SUBSTANCE Coach & intuitivee healerWhy learn with me

When I started working with children and students of all ages, I did extensive research on how to be consistently happy, healthy and successful in life and how parents and teachers can help raise balanced children, how I could support my children. I came up with an 8-step formula for success (SUBSTANCE formula) created for myself to help me achieve my goal and lay a solid foundation for living a happy, healthy and successful life, as well as becoming a great person, a strong leader for myself and others.

Passionate about authenticity, true love, driven by excellence, I have made it my mission to help everyone build a solid foundation to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life, to become a confident and deep loving person.


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