INFP Highly sensitives empath intuitives twin flame VIP self-coaching content

NFP Highly sensitives empath intuitives twin flame VIP self-coaching contentINFP Highly sensitive empath intuitives twin flame VIP self-coaching content

You are INFP highly sensitive empath intuitive, twin flame, you want regular inspiration? You are on a twin flame journey, wondering what are the next steps you can work on?

When you join my VIP program, I will send you weekly self-coaching content, my latest insight in three languages (German, English, French).

You will get:

  • 1 prerecorded videos in French, English, German per week (3×1)
  • invitation to my live events min 4 per year (in French, English, German)
  • 1 VIP written article with self-coaching questions per month in French, English, German (1×3)
  • weekly motivation & inspiration
  • My content is desktop optimised computer. Please check reading articles on my webpage if you want to use your mobile phone, tablette before you purchase.

Topics regarding

  1. true love, twin flame reunion,
  2. be best parents
  3. INFPs, Highly sensitives, empaths
  4. use your spirituality in safe ways
  5. intuitive business
  6. intuitive, be more feminine.

For the prerecorded videos I might use my coaching cards to give you new perspectives, use body mind-soul-communications, I also might talk freely about any topic.

Please notice the VIP content, topics discussed are randomly choosen.

if you want a more structured approach, please check out my get true deep love back program, as well as my other coaching programs.


One single Payment in advance. Once you have paid you will get a confirmation email. I will send you on a weekly basis.

The subscription is for one year.

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  • You get my insights on above topics
  • help yourself by getting new perspectives, insights
  • high-quality VIP articles with Self-Coaching questions
  • Motivation & inspiration for your self-coaching

Please notice there is no group, forum, individual support included. My live events are not recorded.

Contact me by email to subscribe.

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