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Change your life successfully interview with Julia Noyel

Change your life successfully – interview with julia noyel

Julia Noyel Coach Selbstbewusstsein Selbstvertrauen Erfolg Mindset

You want to change something but you do not know how?  Imagine how you will feel when you wake up every morning, feeling happy to start your day, living at a place you love, having fulfilled your deepest wishes. It is not too late.

Change your life – A dream?

Julia NOYEL, Coach, Consultant and Trainer and author of the book, black sheep live better: how to realize your dream life step by step, shares in this interview how she realized a life that suits her and makes her happy.

Mrs Noyel in your book “Black sheep live better,“ that was published in first in German in 2013,published in November 2014 in English you say ‚black sheep are happier‘. In our society a black sheep has a negative connotation. Why did you choose this title for your book and what do you mean?

Julia Noyel: I just wanted to change this way of seeing things, turn this very negative image that society has of people who dare to be different. Being highly sensitive and creative, very intuitive I always felt different and wanted to realize my own life. My goal was to put the black sheep in a more positive light. People who differ from the great mass, who dare to realize their ideal life are not necessarily negative,  strange. For me it means the opposite. They have courage, they live a life that suits them, they are more authentic, happier, healthier, more fulfilled.

What is the subject of your book and coaching programs?

Julia Noyel: They are for all those who wish to change their lives and realize a life that suits them, especially INFP, highly sensitives, empaths, intuitives. I wanted to share my experience in my book and training and encourage everyone to live a life that suits, to be happy, healthy AND successful. In my book and coaching you will not find one right solution, but tips how you can achieve and lead authentically a life that makes you personally happy by using your own innovative approach by using your unique gift.

Hum. You give a lot of personal examples in your book and training programs. Why you wanted to change your life?

Julia Noyel: I studied what was recommended to me; to study economics was considered good on the resume. I found my first job in a large consulting firm, this was in accordance with my studies and my career, I have earned my living, I was recognized for my skills, but I wanted to have enough time to do the things I really liked to do, be available for things that were important to me, my children, my spouse, my family.

. I wanted to help people, do things that made sense for me to do more creative things. I‘ve changed jobs every two years. My body was telling me that I was not in harmony with myself.

What do you want then change in your life?

Julia Noyel:  I am not one of those who can work all day in an office. I am very close to nature and I love beauty. I want to spend my time in a healthy, safe, beautiful space. Long hours of work in a tight and impersonal space, and many people is not what I like. When I was back in my quiet and beautiful home, I was a different person, I was happy and full of energy! At home, I could move mountains. So I wanted to change my working environment and have more time for myself, my children, the person I truly deeply love. I wondered how I could get to live a life that suits me.

So you have reoriented professionally and you managed to turn your dream into reality!

Julia Noyel: Yes. Today I live my life as I had imagined it.

How did you know what kind of life you want?

Julia Noyel: I took a lot of time to think about what I really want and where my strengths were. At the time, I asked myself a lot of ques- tions to find out what makes me happy, I read a lot of books and I wanted answers. I tried different methods. After having read 300 books on personal development, I realized I could not find an answer in the books, but I had to listen to my inner voice. The answer was just in me.

Julia Noyel


That‘s interesting. What is your secret? How have you changed your life?

Julia Noyel: Yes, it‘s a very good question: How did I do? I thought about what were my values, talent, what job and what life could match. I have thus defined the life that suits me, I have prepared my bag and then I started to go to the desired life. So I realized step by step MY life.

What question should everyone ask to be happier and to succeed in life?

Julia Noyel: It is important to listen to yourself, to be true to yourself. You should listen to your body, learn to feel, follow your intuition and get rid of false beliefs. To be aware of your true emotions, needs. Learn to distinguish “what are my own desires and beliefs, which are those of my parents, my partner, my teachers etc.”

Here are some important key questions to ask:

• What is my current life?
• Am I happy?
• What is my desired life?
• What do I really want?

• Why I have not changed yet?
• Whar are my talents?
• What should I put in my backpack?

All these questions I asked to myself again and again. In my book „Black sheep live better“  I go in detail how I did this, give practical exercises to help people to get answers to their questions.

What is particularly important when looking for an answer to these questions?

Julia Noyel: It is important to listen to your inner voice, intuition, not just to your reason. If I enjoy doing something, so I feel good. If I am passionate about my life, I will succeed.

What were the biggest challenges to overcome?

Julia Noyel: I am a very spiritual, creative but practical person. I would say quite a good balance between the spiritual and tangiable world. So I used a mixture of mind and energy work tools. I built a strategy, followed my action plan and used my creativity.


Are you not afraid of being excluded, of being an „outsider“?

Julia Noyel: No. I find that life is precious. I want to achieve my life my way, to be creative, create a better world, have time for my children, the person I truly love. So I began to live my life as I wanted.

But is not it a bit selfish?

Julia Noyel: It is important to lead a life that is in alignement with who you truly are, that allows you to have enough time for your children, the person you truly love. It helps you to be truly available for others.

Do you think anyone can achieve the desired life? Or were you just lucky?

Julia Noyel: I do not think it has anything to do with luck. People tell me: “You are lucky you can work from home.” It is simply my choice. I worked hard for it. I believe that anyone who really wants to achieve ones desired life can do so. Anyone who knows what life is suitable who knows his or her strengths can with some methods, a defined strategy, achieve the goal.

The will, the right tools, perseverance, an active attitude is essential to achieve the desire life.

Today you are an author, coach, trainer, consultant. What are your core competencies?

Julia Noyel: I advise people who want to live a happy, healthy AND successful life. My approach is practical and spiritual. My motto is „simple creative, and intuitive.“ I help them to understand what they want in life; understand their personnality, find their strengths, define a vision and set a plan to achieve their goals. Once the desired life is clear, I help to release blockages, fears on the way to the desired life. I give the necessary methods and tools in hand that the client can apply in daily life. My aim is to foster my clients autonomy and self-determination. I help the client to find the own innovative approach, take full responsability for their life, success.






Black sheep live better



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Is the twin flame journey worth the effort


Is the twin flame journey worth the effort by Julia Noyel


Is the twin flame journey worth the effort

by Julia Noyel

You are on twin flame journey and wonder, is this worth the effort? Have you tried to reunite for months with your twin flame maybe years wondering if you should continue to put effort in? In this article I want to share with you 5 benefits being on a twin flame journey and why this is worth the effort succeed.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, specialist INFP, highly sensitive, creatives, empaths‘You will feel your true deep nature an amazing wonderful feeling’ – Julia Noyel


Continue believing in you and your twin flame you will be helpful to be rewarded for your hard efforts (1)

Continue believing in you and your twin flame will be helpful for being rewarded for your hard efforts. You will get what you have asked for as long as this is in alignment with true deep love, romance, healthy passion, happiness, health and success, thus children, marriage, financial and love abundance, true deep intense love, feelings of joy, healthy passion, romance happiness, health and success on a sustainable basis with your twin flame.

feeling your true deep nature (2)

You will feel your true deep nature an amazing wonderful feeling to feel so deeply connected to your deep feminine essence and to feel your man’s strong masculine essence.

re.experiencing something very deep  (3)

You will experience a relationship based on true deep love and romance, harmony. A peaceful yet passionate relationship. Deep unity and understanding with your twin flame and you.

become very very strong (4)

During your twin flame journey you will become super resilient, get your power back and learn to master your unique talent to create happiness, health and success, true deep love and romance,  make this world a better world.

truly seen (5)

You will be appreciated for who you truly are and for what you do. Your true nature, body, mind, soul, yourself will be truly seen by you, your twin flame and others. You will finally shine on all levels.

In my program get true deep love back into your life – success on all levels I show you how I sped up the twin flame journey, succeed in goals I set myself. In this program I show you the exact strategy I have used.

Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

by Julia Noyel

Hi my name is Julia and I am highly intuitive. In this article, I want to share with you three tips that helped me.


Are you highly intuitive and do you sometimes feel alone? Let me share with you 3 tips as a highly intuitive.

“Highly intuitive means to be guided by an incredible Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifesource always making you become a strong leader to yourself and others.” – Julia Noyel

Three personal tips when you are highly intuitive

1) Know you have an incredible source

Highly intuitive means to be guided by an incredible source always making you become a strong leader to yourself and others. Knowing you have an incredible source, becoming truly conscious and aware of this source is truly helpful.

You might have used it naturally for many years without reflecting it, but once you completely understand the true power it will help you to become much stronger and more self-confident using your gift.

2) Be true to yourself even when others don’t believe in your insights

Being highly intuitive, you need to be able to stand outside disapproval, fears of others, and disbelief.

You need to stand strong to what you feel, see and hear, know, even if your sole proof is what you have: your intuition.

Sometimes you might be able to prove it, what is excellent, but most of the time you should not as your intuition should be used in healthy and safe ways, such to prevent and not to predict any negative outcomes, but only good ones.

You need to develop a strong mindset and kind heartset to stand outside disapproval, trust you.rself and to stick to your insights, still by using your logical mind.

3) Be thankful for your gift and the strong connection with god creator of all that is

Being highly intuitive is for me one of the most important gifts 🎁 universe gave me along with the love inside my body, my heart, and my soul.

Being connected to god creator of all that is, the universe, spiritual realm, and my team is the most wonderful thing I ever had.

It is so much love, respect and protection that cannot be explained or expressed by words. It is something to be gone through I think.

You wanna truly master your gift? Use your intuition to get true deep love back into your life and succeed on all levels? I have created a 10 months program to help you to reach your goals and become aware of your true power. Please check out my 5 steps program to get true love back – success on all levels.



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I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

by Julia Noyel

Are you seeing spiritual marks and you wonder ‘how can this be?’  My name is Julia I’m the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy, and successful life.  I am glad that you are here. In this article I share with you my experience and insights on the question ‘I see spiritual marks – how can this be?’

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

From my own experience, seeing spiritual marks is an extraordinary experience and  I can imagine how you feel because when it happened to me I asked myself this question ‘I see spiritual marks – how can this be?’

What I’ve noticed when this happened to me is that this question was not the best because basically when you ask yourself the question you try to understand something with your logical mind that you cannot truly answer at first.

Even if you will find some explanation for this because some people might try to explain this in some ways, from my experience and point of view this is not the best in the situation.

I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

For me things got better when I stopped asking myself the question how can this be and I focused on better questions.

Better questions for me are ‘why do I see Spiritual marks or to be more precise ‘what is the AIM or the purpose of making me see spiritual marks?’

The second question that was helpful was ‘how to deal with this?’

When I started asking myself those questions I noticed that this gave me first of all security and stability because I think that’s what you need in this kind of situation: to feel safe and secure and protected.

From my point of view, these two questions are better questions to ask in the situation than the question ‘I’m seeing spiritual marks how can this be?’

In my transformative coaching program ‘Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND®’ I help you to answer the question ‘why do I see spiritual marks or what’s the aim of seeing spiritual marks’. I believe it’s important to understand this and take this into consideration. I will share with you how to deal with spirit marks so that you can get some clarity and you understand the purpose of making you see spiritual marks. In this program, I share with you my experience, my knowledge, and the wisdom and insights I have had during the spiritual awakening that helped me to handle this and to deal with this, how I have learned to communicate with the universe.

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