Making yourself succeed,
happy, healthy, live your ideal life. Now


You want to ….
be happy, healthy, successful, help yourself, others,
be accepted in your difference, better communicate, feel seen, respected, have enough time for yourself, your children, the person you truly deeply love, your family, better handle your emotions, set boundaries, be autonomous, have control over your life, succeed, reach all your with the person you truly deeply love, pregnant, have children, earn more money with the job you love, improve your life, make a sustainable
good change in your life NOW
? Well come.

hi there

Julia Noyel founder of art of a happy, healthy & successful life Coach Infp highly sensitive intuitive creative empath twin flames

I believe you can succeed  create a happy, healthy
& successful life

on a sustainable basis!

need help?

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Hi, I am Julia.
am so glad you are here.


You are creative, intuitive, empathe, you want to have it all: a deep & romantic long-lasting “aging together relationship with the person you truly deeply love”, being a loving spouse, be a mom, having happy, healthy, successful children, being happy, good relationship with your family, being happy, healthy, successful in your job , having the job you truly deeply love? YOU CAN DO IT! MASTER YOUR LIFE! You’ve come to the right place. I have created to help you reach your goals. My aim is to help you to reach your goals. NOW. I promote autonomy, kindness, peace, true love (romance), sustainable happiness, health, success, make this world a better world. 

I am highy creative intuitive and a truth, “true love” specialist. I believe in anything is possible.

I decided to use my creativity and my unique talent, my expertise, insights, my natural & strong connection with god to help you to lead a happy, healthy & successful life (professional & private). My aim is to help each person, being especially highly sensitives, creatives, INFP, intuitives, empaths, twin flames realize & live their ideal life.

I am the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy and successful life, creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®.  inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus on Self-esteem & Strong Mindset), expert in body-mind-soul communication, intuitive healer, a ‘highly intuitive & highly creative, deeply sensitive’, educator. 



You do not need a MASTER to live your ideal life













Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help.

You are over 35, 40, you want fulfill your wishes, succeed, be happy NOW,


Have control over your life, show who you truly, bring love & beauty in this world


You want to feel fully, feeling love & passion, romantic (again)


You want to feel good, healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically,
help others to feel well

     Be the deep divine feminine woman  you want others see the love, kindness you have.

Feel sure. You believe in romance, true love.


Be with the person you truly deeply love, live together


You want to be a mom, be pregnant, have children  reach your goal now.

You want to earn with your passion, have enough clients, succeed in your business, make this world a better world.

Have control over your strong emotions, be healthy, have control over yourself, master life

You want to be respected in your difference, be who you truly are, understood, loved as you are: with your highly sensitivity, intuitive skills, your creativity, your unique talent

You want to trust have clarity: understand the divine, after different spiritual, energy practices your emotional, psychological, physical state gets better, having visions, hearing voices & spiritual, paranormal appearances


Go(o)d that you are here

Let’s get your life back under control,
be happy, healthy and succeed in your goals!


two black sheep live better by Julia Noyel


Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to get things back under control master the art of a different, happy, healthy, and successful life.


begin now

YOU can DO it!

Imagine you reach your goals Now.


Have control (back) over your life, MASTER YOUR LIFE. Have clarity, free your inner SUBSTANCE.

Fulfill your wishes, be with the person who wants to create a family with you, have children, live in your ideal home, do your ideal job, succeed definitely having the time ANd money

Feel powerful, overcome obstacles, be noticed for who you truly are

Attract a deep loving romantic relationship & have abundance in your life.

Be the deep divine feminine woman you wanna be

Feel good, healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically,
help others to feel well

Be the best parent, have children, a fulfilled family life.

Communicate effectively with yourself, others

Be happy & successful doing the work you love, earn enough money, get the ideal clients, create yourself the job you are passionate about, thrive in your business on a sustainable basis.

Have an emotional successful life, use your spirituality & creativity to make this world a better world.

Help your SELF. Others.

Use your unique talent, protect yourself.

Get a strategy, tools that actually work.

all is possible by julia noyel

Julia Noyel spécialiste INFP, hypersensible, créative, empathe

“I show you how to have control over yourself, your life, be the best parent, have true love in your life, your ideal relationship, job, use your dreamer capacity in healthy ways, extra-ordinary creativity, powerful energy kindness in healthy, efficient, protected ways to
create your ideal life. NOW.”

Here’s how I can help:

Choose below area you need my support and wanna definitely transform!

A different, happy, healthy & successful YOU & LIFE

Change your life NOW for the better, live a life that makes you truly happy, healthy & successful.

Different, happy, healthy & successful at WORK

Succeed in your projects at work, in doing a job you truly love, you are passionate about, in earning money you deserve, having your ideal clients while enough time for yourself, the person you truly deeply love, your children.

Different, happy, healthy & successful RELATIONSHIP

Succeed in your love life, get true deep love back into your life with the person you truly deeply love, reunite with your twin flame, be happy, healthy, successful together, create a happy healthy couple, have a peaceful sustainable long-life relationship.

Different, happy, healthy & successful CHILDREN

Having success in your projects having children, raise autonomous, responsible, self-confident happy, healthy & successful children, being a great, safe, successful parent, raise children who will change the world for a better.

SELF-help & Spiritual Awareness. Empath, highly sensitive, INFP, intuitive, creative. manage your life successfully. Love your body, mind, soul. Manage your intuitive insights, do safe spirituality & safe energy work, Collaborate with the spiritual realm in healthy ways. Manage hearing voices, paranormal appearances, your psychic gift. Feel assertive, self-confident, emotional stability, a strong mindset, heart.

joyful life


Here’s what I offer to help you help yourself


Get quick and daily guided inspiration and exercices to help yourself.

Self-help Coaching programs

Transform yourself, your life deeply, to have true love, your ideal relationship, be best parent, best job, spiritual mastery for sustainable happiness, health & success.

1:1 Coaching

Let’s see together how you can help yourself to reach your goals, be autonomous, self-confident, strong, powerful.

1/2 day Intensive strategy Coaching

Develop a strategy, concrete action plan on how to change your life & live a happy, healthy & successful life in all areas of your life.

Books & Coaching Cards

Get my books in self-development, inspiring coaching cards to help your-self on a daily basis.

What you can expect when working with me.

Most important features

Master your life, your unique talent

    Use your super power, be super resilient

Discover your unique talent, be truly authentic

Make others, yourself feel ok, communicate efficiently

Help to do it your way: to accept your uniqueness, use your greatness

Learn autonomy: free yourself from the thoughts of others

Adopt an ‘I can do it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Be a strong & inspiring leader to yourself, others

Help yourself & others, find completion

Understand you do not need to have a master to begin living your ideal life


Coach highly sensitive INFPs creatives twin flames by Julia Noyel

Bene.-fits of working with me

benefits when working with me

Simple, natural, deep loving

Empowerment /
step into your power

Clear the air, purification,
Release what is not yours

Be your TRUE self

lucky eggs


What people are saying


“Julia has a lot of talent, I appreciate the way how she sees life and her philosophy that each person is free to create a happy, healthy and successful life.”




“Self-confidence needs practice every day. Julia boosts self-confidence in us, but also optimism. In two days I got the keys to help myself and develop my self-confidence on my own.”



be a leader

Be a strong leader to yourself & others

In my transformational programs I am eager to help you to help yourself. I share with you my two success strategies as well as my personal experience, deep intuitive insights I got during spiritual awakening, as well my knowledge I have developped based on my certification as certified coach, psychologial advisor, corporate trainer, coach, consultant, highly intuitive, creative to allow you to set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, with your children, your daily life.r

I will show you how to increase self-esteem, self-confidence, establish a strong success mindset to be happy, successful, to create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy & successful life.


Get my step by step guides

Black sheep live better: how to realize your dream life step by step.

Change your life in 5 simple steps and live a happy, healthy AND successful life. Get my practical step by step guide. Take action Now.

You want to get personalised advice,
1:1 coaching on how to finally succeed in your projects, creating sustainable, health, happiness and success in all areas of your life?

Julia Noyel Coaching Stratégique succès amour enfants argent

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

The first small step to your happy, healthy and successful life starts here

Subliminal videos and positive affirmations

on my YOUTUBE Channel

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