Are you ready for making yourself succeed,
happy, healthy and create your ideal life?


You’ve tried to ….
work on yourself, help yourself,
be accepted in your difference,
better handle your emotions, set boundaries,
be autonomous, get control over your life, body, mind,
find the right partner, have children, earn more money,
improve your life, succeed,
reach all your goals...? But

DESPITE your many efforts, best intentions & strong motivation,
fail over and over again in reaching your goals?

hi there

I believe you can succeed after repeated failure and create a new happy, healthy and successful life
on a sustainable basis!


Hi, I am Julia.
am so glad you are here.


If you dream of having it all: a deep and romantic love life, a happy, healthy and prosperous family, fulfilling children, a peaceful and lasting “aging together relationship”, a loving spouse, being happy, healthy and successful in your career, you’ve come to the right place here. My aim is to promote kindness, peace and love (romance) and make this world a better world.

I am a truth and “true love” seeker. I believe in anything is possible, and am obsessed with researching and finding the best tools to become self-reliant, increase self-awareness, be balanced and creating a perfect, sustainable, happy, healthy and successful life based on mindfulness and LOVE & romance, as well as raising happy, healthy and thriving children in a mindful and non-overbearing way, preventing problems for you, your children and your loved ones.

I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus on Self-esteem & Strong Mindset), a ‘highly intuitive’, founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy and successful life, creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®, expert in body-mind-soul communication.

I’m here to share my world, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, intuitive insights and wisdom, knowledge, expert advice, personal experience, accomplishments, secrets and SUCCESS strategies with you!












Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help.


You have unfulfilled wishes, feel like in an impasse, failure over failure no matter
how hard you try, things seems not getting permanently better?


You have the impression of having no control over your life, body, mind, that you
need to hide, can’t show who you truly are because you feel so different? 

You feel completely numb ? Afraid of never feeling love & passion again?


You feel unsure because you believe in romance and true love ?


.You always meet the wrong partner or fail in love (cheating, narcissist,
no desire or romance, emotional unavailable, unstable, suddenly does not want any children or live together, anger, runner?)

You still have no children and get really worried if you will ever reach your goal.

You feell like you will never earn or have enough clients, succeed in your business.

You feel like you will never get control over your strong emotions (anger, jealousy, depression, fears),
ashamed but at the same time angry at all those manipulative and aloof people out there?

You are afraid you will never find the cause for your pain, never get better,
you tried a couple of things but it does not work.

You are afraid of being (labelled) crazy, never understood and loved as you are: with your highly sensitivity, your creativity, you have strange visions, hearing voices & spiritual or paranormal appearances and suffer from spiritual or psychic attacks.

You don’t know who to trust and you feel confused: after different spiritual or energy practices your emotional, psychological or physical state seems worse.

You feel like personal development, love, success are not for you, as nothing works at least not for long.


Did you find yourself in one of the above?


Go(o)d that you are here

Let’s get your life back under control,
be happy, healthy and succeed in your goals!


two black sheep live better by Julia Noyel


Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to get things back under control and master the art of a different, happy, healthy, and successful life.


begin now

Begin now: take your first step.
Activate your vibrant life force.

julia a strong mindset

What if I told you you can actually get control and power back over your life and lead a happy, healthy & successful life


Fulfill your wishes, overcome obstacles, succeed definitely

Get control (back) over your body, mind and life and get out of confusion, free your inner SUBSTANCE.

Step into your power, overcome obstacles, be noticed for who you truly are.

Set a solid foundation to attract a deep loving romantic relationship for a life time & have abundance in your life.

Increase chances to have children even if you believe it unpossible and a fulfilled family life.

Earn enough money, get the right clients and thrive
in your business on a sustainable basis.

Have a more balanced and healthy emotional life.

Help your SELF and understand your pain.

Stop hearing nasty voices and develop your spiritual gifts, protect yourself.

Get a strategy and tools that actually work.

all is possible

Julia Noyel Coach für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Hochsensible Menschen Empathen


“I show you how to clear the air, release what is not yours, recuperate from failure, claim your body, your mind
use your dreamer
capacity, extra-ordinary creativity, powerful energy and playfullness to create the life you had always dreamt of.”

Here’s how I can help:

Choose below area you need my support and wanna definitely transform!

A different, happy, healthy & successful YOU and LIFE

Change your life now and live a life that makes you truly happy, healthy & successful.

Different, happy, healthy & successful at WORK

Succeed in your projects at work, in doing a job you truly like, and you are passionate about, in earning money you deserve, or having enough clients.

Different, happy, healthy & successful RELATIONSHIP

Succeed in your love life, get true love back into your life, be happy, meet the right partner, save your couple, recover your ex, and have a peaceful sustainable long-life relationship.

Different, happy, healthy & successful CHILDREN

Having success in your projects of having children or a family, get all the skills to raise autonomous, responsible, self-confident happy, healthy & successful children, succeed in being a great and successful parent and raise children who will change the world for a better.

A happy, healthy BODY, MIND, SOUL & INNER CHILD.

SELF-Healing & Spiritual Awareness. Empath, highly sensitive. Get control back over your body, mind, soul, and inner child. Understand the reasons for your pain, chronic dis.ease or problems, manage hearing voices, paranormal appearances, psychic attacks, digestive problems, intolerances. Feel assertive, self-confident, emotional stability, a strong mindset, and spiritual awareness.

joyful life
Julia Noyel_success coach

Here’s how we can work together:


Get quick and daily inspiration and some tools to help yourself.

Deep transformative
Coaching programs

Transform yourself and your life deeply by using a strategy, SUBSTANCEMIND® for sustainable happiness, health and success.

Intuitive Coaching

Get my intuitive insights & inspiration for concre(a)te action steps. Develop your emotional and spiritual awareness.

1/2 day Intensive strategy Coaching

Develop a strategy and concrete action plan together on how to change your life and live a happy, healthy & successful life in all areas of your life.

Books & Coaching Cards

Get my books in self-development, inspiring coaching cards and relationship caps to work on your self.

What you can expect when working with me.

Most important features


Get your super power back

Discover your gift

Make others and yourself feel ok, become aware of intolerant communication

Help to do it your way: to accept your uniqueness

Learn autonomy: free yourself from the thoughts of others

Adopt an ‘I can learn it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Become a strong and inspiring leader to others

Help yourself & others, find completion

Understand you do not need to be a master to begin living your ideal dream life


Bene.-fits of working with me

benefits when working with me

Playfullness /
Embracing enthusiasm

Empowerment /
step into your power

Clear the air, purification,
Release what is not yours

Activate your vibrant life force / Show your TRUE self

your life before

*Note: please notice results are individual and not guaranteed.

lucky eggs

What people are saying


“Julia has a lot of talent, I appreciate the way how she sees life and
her philosophy that each person is free to take one’s life into one’s own hands”





“Self-confidence needs practice every day. Julia boosts self-confidence in us, but also optimism. In two days I got the keys to help myself and develop my self-confidence on my own.”





“Real little voice when not all is well. Picasso of psychology, Baudelaire of efficiency and organization? Much more! You have the impression to talking to a charming blonde in a bar, presenting an audit of your life and especially REAL solutions!

— PETIT Paumé


be a leader

Be a strong leader to yourself and others

In my transformational programs I am eager to share with you my two success strategies as well as my personal experience, deep intuitive insights I got during spiritual awakening, as well my knowledge I have gained as certified coach, psychologial advisor, corporate trainer, coach and consultant, and highly intuitive to allow you to set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, with your children and your daily life.r

I will show you how I did to manage self-doubt, chronic pain, failures, the feeling of being not ok or different (e.g. highly sensitive, INFPs, empaths, twin flames, dual souls, all not oks) and how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, establish a strong success mindset to overcome challenges, be happy and succeed and create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life.


Get my step by step guides

Black sheep live better: how to realize your dream life step by step.

Change your life in 5 simple steps and live a happy, healthy AND successful life. Get my practical step by step guide. Take action Now.

Master the art of a happy, healthy AND successful life

Build inner SUBSTANCE, a strong mindset, be self-confident in 9 simple steps. Get my practical guide NOW.

Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children in 9 simple steps.

Raise happy, healthy & successful children. Build inner SUBSTANCE, a strong mindset, self-confident children in 9 simple steps.Click on the red button to get my practical guide on Amazon.

You want to get personalised advice,
1:1 coaching on how to finally succeed in your projects, creating sustainable, health, happiness and success in all areas of your life?

Julia Noyel Coaching Lyon Cannes

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

The first small step to your happy, healthy and successful life starts here

Subliminal videos and positive affirmations

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