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Working with me

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Julia Noyel founder of art of a happy, healthy & successful life Coach Infp highly sensitive intuitive creative empath twin flamesmy name is Julia Noyel, I am so happy you are here. My aim is to help you lead a happy, healthy, successful life based on true love, kindness,
romance, have an ideal life, your perfect life a true deep love relationship with the person you truly deeply love, children, earning money with the job you truly deeply love, having enough money, time for yourself, your children, the person you truly deeply love, your family, doing what you love in life.

Be a strong & inspiring leader to yourself, others,

Help yourself & others, find completion

Simple, natural & efficient

minimalism, order, structure, efficiency is what I love, what I will help you with.

have enough time money for yourself, your children, the person you truly deeply love, your family


use your power in safe efficient ways, be autonomous, Master your life, your unique talent

Creative  intuitive

Help to do it your way: to accept your uniqueness, use your greatness, your intuition, your extra-ordinary creativity, love, kindness, deep talent, energy kindness in powerful, healthy, protected safe ways to create your ideal life.


be your true self, be authentic.

energetic / vibrant

clear the air, purification, release what is not yours, stay true to your true self

safe / sustainable

create & maintain a solid basis for leading a happy, healthy successful life on a sustainable basis, use safe techniques, tools, approaches to help yourself, others


Need my help? I offer 1:1 Coaching sessions as well as coaching programs.

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