You want to find the right life partner,
create a happy, healthy & successful love relationship?

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You cannot find the right partner, you are having problems in your love life? Your man is withdrawing or does not want to commit? Conflicts, jealousy, blame, and drama are part of your everyday love life? You do not know how to communicate, how to express your deep feelings? Your partner is cheating on you, she is jealous or manipulates you? Being in a relationship is not always easy, so many questions to ask and if you are highly sensitive and creative it might be even more complicated. I know how you feel. It is not easy to find the right partner, to live with someone in the long run is even less evident. Often we tend to make others responsible for our misery. However, if a relationship is not working it is not only the fault of our partner. Often there are very concrete reasons why we have not yet found the ideal partner, why we always attract partners with whom a relationship is not possible or why the relationship ends in failure.

There is a success formula.

Change your love life. Join me in the adventure of mastering
the art of a different, happy, healthy AND successful life.

Hi, I am Julia.

I teach individuals and couples who struggle in their relationships and love life, feel unhappy, fail, feel too different or struggle with a partner who is very different 9 simple steps to get their love life back under control, increase self-esteem and self-confidence and create happier, healthier & successful romantic long-lasting relationships.

Today I am ready for love in my life, I live a life that makes me happy, healthy AND successful, but it has not always been that way. I was married with a man everyone liked, so why was I was unhappy? Everybody in my surroundings told me to be happy with what I had. I listened to other people’s advice, tried to rationalize and became chronically ill. From the day of my divorce, I went from one unhappy relationship to another so scared about love until the day I decided to change things: I wanted a different & better love relationship. I set a strategy, acquired news skills and changed my relationship patterns and learned important skills to master the art of a happy, healthy & successful love life. And it worked. Today I know that we can have a relationship that makes us happy, healthy AND successful if we have the right strategy, attitude, skills & tools.

You want to know how I changed my life, what I had to struggle with and how I jumped over the obstacles?


Are you ready for a different love life

‘Being happy, healthy AND successful in your love life is possible!

Learn skills now.

5 weeks Coaching program to find your ideal partner, create a different, happy, healthy & successful relationship

Are you still single or unhappy with your current love life? Imagine waking up every morning close to the partner of your dreams!
Having a relationship that suits you, living in harmony with your values of an highly sensitive & creative person, feeling happy and healthy is possible! In my 5 weeks coaching you will get all the tools you need to find your ideal partner. Discover more about my programs here.

5 weeks Coaching program - Different, happy, healthy & successful in your relationship

You wonder how to create a relationship that lasts? How to resolve conflicts in love, get rid of your anger, find a safe partner? You are highly sensitive and creative or your partner is highly sensitive and creative and you do not understand each other? Have you lost the connection with your partner? Is your relationship a mixture of fighting, withdrawing and loss of sexual arousal? Once we found the right partner and after spending the first ecstatic moments, conflict, boredom and jealousy lead many couples to separate hoping to find a partner that fits better. In my coaching you will get all the tools you need to improve your relationship. Discover more about my training programs here.

Get rid of your self-doubts in 3 weeks. Start living your HSP, INFPs, empath & creative potential fully and be happy, healthy & successful in your love life!

Waking up one morning feeling different AND ok, confident, loved incondionally by your parter. Living fully your potential and an authentic love life, a relationship hat fits your personality of a Highly sensitive, creative, empath, or INFP?
In my 3 weeks intensive program we will free you from self-doubts and build strong inner SUBSTANCE to set the foundation for a different, happy, healthy & successful love life and relationship

Change your love life in 5 simple steps and create a happy, healthy AND successful life

Are you unhappy with your current relationship, unhappy in love?
Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day!
Having a relationship that suits you, living with a partner you love, living in harmony with your values, feeling happy and healthy.
It is possible! In my practical guide I share my secrets how I changed my life and realized my ideal life. Get my practical step by step guide, available on AMAZON by clicking on the red buttom. Take action Now.

Be different, happy, healthy & successful - build a longlasting love relationship

Are you having constant conflicts, feel angry and rejected, not heard, unable to set unhealthy boundaries, to be heard? In my practical guide you will learn in 9 simple steps to build SUBSTANCE, inner strengh, self confidence ti create a happy, healthy & successful love life. Get my practical step by step guide, available on AMAZON by clicking on the red buttom. Take action Now.


 Get control over your love life – Create a happy, healthy & successful relationship

 Find a man – become an attractive & high quality woman

 Learn here what you can expect when working with me!

What you can expect when working with me. You’ll discover ways to:

  • understand why you have failed in love so far or why you have not yet found the right partner or succeed in your relationship
  • improve your relationship and resolve relationship problems
  • better know yourself and take confidence in you
  • better communicate with your partner, express your emotions
  • learn to say no and set boundaries
  • avoid toxic relationships
  • and much more

I am consultant and trainer working for companies from various industries such as IT, retail, luxury, service and lecturer in various business schools, and certified Coach & Psychological Counselor. I have over 15 years of experience in the field of human resources management, leadership & personal development. Expert in self-confidence, communication, emotional management, people management & leadership, body-mindfulness and authenticity and inspired by various techniques of nonviolent communication (NVC, PET, EI etc.), management, creativity tools and energy healing, my goal is to enable everyone to live a different, happy and healthy love life.



You want to change something in your love life and you do not know how or where to start?
I will help you to take action.

Sometimes small steps are enough to do it differently and better, be happy and healthy and successful in your relationship.

You need help ?
I know that the path to a happy, healthy & successful long lasting love life is a challenge in our today’s world and society, but it is worth it.

Contact me to book your
private coaching session

The first small step to your different & better love life starts here


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Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life

Learn to master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life in 9 steps ! Imagine how you will feel when you are happy every morning when getting up, amazed about your work and your love relationship, your family. Imagine you have enough money, you feel safe in life, you have success! Even in times of problems, you will get out eas- ily, you feel light and positive about life, having high self-esteem, having good health, enough time. Your reality is different? You are struggling in life in one or more areas, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, unhappy, suffering from pain and failure? Maybe you have not learned the skills you need to manage your life! No worry. Let’s learn it NOW in 9 simple steps. Click on the red button to get my practical guide on Amazon.

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