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Julia Noyel, 33 rue de la république 69002 Lyon- France

E-mail: julia.noyel ( at ) julianoyel.com

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1. Description of the services provided.

These websites https://www.julianoyel.com or/and https://www.substancecleansing.com are intended to provide information about all activities that I offer as part of my work as a coach, consultant and trainer. I strive to provide information on the website as accurately as possible. However, I can not be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies, or deficiencies in updating or third party partners providing this information to me. I agree to remove inaccuracies or to complete missing information on the website as soon as possible

2. Contractual restrictions of the technical data.

The website uses JavaScript technology. The aim is to offer a service that ensures the best accessibility. These websites https://www.julianoyel.com or/and https://www.substancecleansing.com are hosted by a provider in the territory of the European Union in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD: 2016-679). This ensures the continuity of his service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However, it reserves the right to suspend the hosting service for the shortest possible time, in particular for maintenance purposes, to improve its infrastructures or to remedy problems. As a user of the site, you agree to use the site with the latest non-virus devices and a last generation browser that has been updated regularly. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I can not be held responsible for any material damage that may occur in connection with the use of the website or in the event of a malfunction of the Internet, telephone lines or computer and telephone equipment in particular network congestion Access to the server prevents standstill.

3. Limitation of Liability.

I strive to offer you content of quality and truthfulness. I can not be held responsible for the direct and indirect damage caused by the material used by you as a user when accessing the site https://www.julianoyel.com or/and https://www.substancecleansing.com and its consequences, the use of equipment that does not meet specifications in item 2, or the occurrence of an error or incompatibility. Nor can I be held responsible for consequential damages (such as loss of market or loss of opportunity) as a result of using the website https://www.julianoyel.com. Interactive rooms (possibility to ask questions in the contact area or leave comments) are at your disposal. I reserve the right to remove without notice any content published in this area that violates applicable law in France, in particular the privacy policy. If necessary, I also reserve the right to complain about your civil and / or criminal liability, especially in the case of a racist, insulting, slanderous or pornographic message, regardless of the medium used (text, photography …). I provide a broad content of free and paid information (regulated by the terms and conditions). I always make sure that I provide the means to ensure the quality of this content. However, it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that this information is relevant to your situation. You agree to use this information in your sole responsibility and you exempt me from any liability in this regard. The information offered on my website www.julianoyel.com (in the context of my services offered, in my newsletter, in my videos, in my e-mails, in my products, in the awareness of my function as coach, consultant and trainer, my personal and I am neither a doctor nor a psychotherapist nor a psychologist, I do not intend to know what is good for you, I propose you various tools and information, and I support you with your frame of reference I must make you aware of your own responsibility for the use of information and advice and your personal potential. You are aware that the information contained on this website is neither medical advice nor Psychotherapy are in no case replacing psychotherapy o the care by a doctor. I do not claim to be able to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure a disease, and by no means demand that any medical or psychological treatment be changed. You agree to consult a suitable doctor if you have a medical or psychological problem. I present some information, tools and techniques on this page www.julianoyel.com in my newsletter, in my videos, in my e-mails, in my products, as part of my services, my webinars, my online courses, my trainings. You are free to use information, materials and tools. In no case you are obliged to use the information or tools offered. They recognize that certain techniques (eg, so-called energy techniques such as EFT, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, SUBSTANCE Cleansing and the use of mudras) are still in the experimental stage and may have side effects that are not yet known. They are aware that the possible side effects of alternative methods and energy maintenance can be dangerous. Therefore, you must take all your responsibility when using these techniques.

4. Intellectual property and counterfeiting.

The Website is a work of intellectual property protected by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and the applicable international guidelines. I own the intellectual property rights and have the right to use all the elements available on the website, including text, images, graphics, logos, videos, icons and sounds. All elements contained on the website www.julianoyel.com or/ and https://www.substancecleansing.com (texts, logos, images, sound elements, software, icons, layout, database, …) are protected by national and international intellectual property law. These elements remain my exclusive property. Without prior written permission, any use or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the Site, the elements that comprise it, or the information contained therein by any means, is prohibited by law. In accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, the use of the elements of the website www.julianoyel.com or/ and https://www.substancecleansing.com is only permitted for purely personal purposes. To create a link with the website www.julianoyel.com or https://www.substancecleansing.com or to reproduce content (text, graphics, illustration) published in electronic or paper format on the site, you can e-mail your request to julia.noyel ( at ) julianoyel.com. Any unauthorized use of the Site or any of its elements will be deemed a violation and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.335-2 et seq. Of the Code of Intellectual Property.

5. Hypertext connection

The websites https://www.julianoyel.com or/and https://www.substancecleansing.com contain a number of hypertext links to other websites set up with the permission of Julia Noyel. However, I have no opportunity to review the content of the pages visited and therefore assume no liability. I can not accept responsibility for hypertext links that have been set up within this website and referred to other resources on the Internet. I also disclaim any responsibility for the content and relevance of information posted on third party websites that are accessible through hypertext links on the website www.julianoyel.com or/and https://www.substancecleansing.com.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the use of the website https://www.julianoyel.com is governed by French law. Except in cases where the law does not permit this, the Court of Justice of Lyon has exclusive jurisdiction.