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Hi, I


Having a balanced life (a spiritual and rational one with your right and left brain in harmony) and a good health, a job that passionates you and makes you earn, a fulfilled family life, children and deep romantic love relationship with a man or woman, and being good on your own is what you aspire, however despite the many efforts, best intentions and strong motivation, you fail over and over again in reaching your goals?

Finally succeed in your relationship, work, have children and self-heal.

Julia Noyel Inner SUBSTANCE Coach & intuitivee healer

Hi I am Julia.

I am a truth & deep true love seeker,
–> inner SUBSTANCE Coach
Expert and Researcher in Intuitive Healing,
–> Founder of Art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life
–> Creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®
 (Expert in strong Mindset, Mind & Cell Reprogramming) and much more!

“I am helping ambitious and committed men and women who want it all: deep romantic love in their life, a happy, healthy and successful family, fulfilled children, a peaceful and sustainable life-time old-growing together relationship, a loving spouse, be happy, healthy & successful in their career, and successful and have struggled despite many efforts over and over again of having it all.”

Good that you are here…

Let’s get your life back under control, be happy and succeed in your goals!

You can be happy, healthy & successful in any situation of your life even after repeated failure. This is what I believe, even I intuitively know.

I know how it is to fail over and over again despite many efforts and best intentions and what it needs to finally succeed and be happy, healthy, successful and heal.

While I was on the road to a happy, healthy and successful business, people often told me to specify on one single thing, because as they said “it is too much what you offer…”. I knew that if you want it all you need to do it all. If you want it all you need to work on several levels. But on which?

And I know this can be overwhelming! I felt for many years overwhelmed by all the approaches and tools that exist, trying different approaches having had the impression nothing really worked on a sustainable basis or not at all.

So I decided for myself to create an integrative and strategic approach to create happiness, health and success on a sustainable basis for me and my family, to put things into order and to help myself to create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life.”

The SUBSTANCE-Formula was born: a 9 step formula to master the skills you need to lead a happy, healthy and successful life on a sustainable basis. I thought: Finally! I had the SUCCESS tool built for myself. After having pronounced it out loud, a couple of months later I had to experience a quite challenging spiritual awakening and knew there was something more…a missing piece to discover.

To help myself to overcome this challenging period I intuitively – with the help of the universe – developped a second approach: SUBSTANCEMIND®. It made me whole and helped me to overcome intense pain, handle hearing voices, paranormal appearances and to feel my body and heart again, to hear my soul and to discover how to heal myself and others and solve all my patterns.

My success strategy was complete: SUBSTANCE-Formula and SUBSTANCEMIND®.





In my transformational programs I am eager to share with you my two success strategies as well as my personal experience, deep intuitive insights I got during spiritual awakening, as well my knowledge I have gained as certified coach,  psychologial advisor, corporate trainer, coach and consultant, and intuitive healer to allow you to set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, with your children and your daily life.r


I will show you how I did to manage self-doubt, chronic pain, disease, failures, the feeling of being not ok or different (e.g. highly sensitive, INFPs, empaths, twin flames, dual souls, all not oks) and how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, establish a strong success mindset to oveercome challenges, be happy and succeed and create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life.


release blockages, raise your self-esteem and self-confidence, to strengthen your inner SUBSTANCE, build a strong mindset, a SUBSTANCEMIND®, and
Expert in Self-esteem & Self-confidence, Education Consultant
Expert in Energy & Emotional Management

Julia Noyel_success coach

Discover how I mastered the Art of a
different, happy, healthy AND successful life.

How I can help

Choose below area you need my support and wanna definitely transform!

A different, happy, healthy & successful YOU and LIFE

Change your life now and live a life that makes you truly happy, healthy & successful.

Different, happy, healthy & successful at work

Succeed in your projects at work, in doing a job you truly like, and you are passionate about, in earning money you deserve, or having enough clients.

Different, happy, healthy & successful relationship

Succeed in your love life, get true love back into your life, be happy, meet the right partner, save your couple, recover your ex, and have a peaceful sustainable long-life relationship.

Different, happy, healthy & successful children

Having success in your projects of having children (overcome infertility issues) or a family, get all the skills to raise autonomous, responsible, self-confident happy, healthy & successful children, succeed in being a great and successful parent and raise children who will change the world for a better.

A different, happy, healthy body, mind, soul & inner child

Self-Healing & Spiritual Awareness. Get control back over your body, mind, soul, and inner child. Understand the reasons for your pain, chronic disease or health problems, stop hearing voices, paranormal appearances, digestive problems, intolerances, heal yourself. Feel assertive, self-confident, manage your emotions, be respected, seen, or heard, a strong mindset.

E-Mail Classes & Self-learn Classes

Deep transformative
Coaching programs

Intuitive reading & healing

1:1 Intensive Coaching


 What you can expect when working with me.

Proven strategies and a step by step process I have used for myself to:

  • know & understand yourself, strengthen your self-esteem, gain more (self)-confidence
  • attract the positive, raise your vibrations, get rid of negative energy & beliefs, protect against toxic situations
  • shine and show you fully, know how to market and promote your self
  • live a healthier life, feel better in your body, be more centered, become aware of the causes of your pain and overcome it
  • increase your communication skills, create better relationships, understand & handle people with different personalities
  • be authentic in every situation, stay true to yourself and with others
  • be seen, heard and overcome conflicts (at work, with spouses, children, friends), better handle criticism
  • create an environment (work, relationships, etc.) that makes you feel good, inspired, and proud
  • ride and identify your emotions (anger, reducing jealousy, anxiety and stress)
  • feel calm, in peace, secure, energetic, autonomous and happy
  • organise yourself better, achieve your goals, move forward with your creative projects and finalise them
  • have more time for yourself, your partner, your friends
  • attract more Love, Happiness, Passion, Energy, Success and MONEY.





You want to get personalised advice or 1:1 coaching
on how to finally succeed in your projects, creating sustainable,
health, happiness and success in all areas of your life?

Julia Noyel Coaching Lyon Cannes

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

The first small step to your happy, healthy and successful life starts here

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