Making yourself succeed
be the best parent you can


You want to have children, be the best parent you can, you want to help your children, learn the right skills to...
love your emotions, set boundaries, communicate in healthy ways with your children, help them to master their life, have healthy courage to face challenging times in life, to be accepted, earn more money, succeed in life, be kind, prevent struggles, all this in mindful ways
? Well come.

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Julia Noyel Founder art of a happy, healthy, successful life, coach expats, Lyon INFP, intuitive, creatives, highly sensitives, empaths, mediums

Hi I am Julia.
I am so glad that you are here.

You want to raise happy children, having a happy family life with a balanced relationship, a peaceful and lasting “aging together relationship”, a loving spouse, being happy, healthy and successful in your career! YOU CAN DO IT! You’ve come to the right place here. My aim is to help you to reach your goals. NOW. I promote kindness, peace and love (romance), sustainable happiness, health, success, make this world a better world. I am a truth  and “true love” specialist.

I will show you how to become best parent, help your children to build inner SUBSTANCE, raise, happy, healthy AND successful children.

I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus on self-esteem & mindset), education consultant, certified coach and psychological advisor, a ‘highly intuitive and creative’, and the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®, and expert in body-mind-soul communication.

I believe there is a SUCCESS Formula!

You do not need to be a master to start
being a better parent.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help.

You deeply wish to have children, want to be a good parent

You want to have children, reach your goal now
You want to know how to communicate with your children in healthy ways, saying the right things to your child
You want too feel powerful in your parenting job, make your children listen to you

You want to have enough time for yourself while doing a good parenting job

You want to help your children get control over their emotions

 You are feeling afraid of abusing your children, becoming violent?

You want to help your children to feel  better physically, mentally, spiritually? 


           Did you find yourself in one of the above?


Go(o)d that you are here

Let’s become the best parent, raise
happy, healthy and successful children!


Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to master the art of raising happy, healthy and successful children?


begin now

Begin now: take your first step.

Become the best parent.

What if I told you you can actually become the best parent you can imagine


Fulfill your wishes having a family, succeed definitely in having children, a well balanced life.

Increase chances to have children quickly

Impact and increase drastically the chance having children, a fulfilled family life.

Learn ways to communicate with your children in healthy ways, learn the skills to say the right things

Get your power back

Trust in yourself & become a role model to your children, succeed in being a great, successful parent

Have enough time for yourself, feel serene in your parenting job.

Help your children, yourself to manage their strong emotions

Get all the skills to raise autonomous, responsible, self-confident, happy, healthy & successful children

Understand, release the root of this fear of abusing your children, becoming violent.

Help your children to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Get a strategy and tools that actually work.


you are worth the best_orange2

“I show you all is possible, share with you my passion & pleasure when it comes to be the best parent and raising happy, healthy & successful children.”


Are you striving for being the best balanced
and joyful parent?

Enroll in my programs:

Get true love back program - for sustainable success in all areas of your life

a 10-months Deep body-mind-soul transformation program including ALL my programs to finally attract true LOVE back into your life and succeed in all areas of your life!

Happy, healthy & successful children

a 8-weeks Program in which I share with you my 9 step Formula to raise happy, healthy & successful children on a sustainable basis.

Here’s how we can work together:

E-Mail Classes & Self-learn Classes

Get quick and daily inspiration and some tools to help yourself.

Parenting Coaching programs

Transform yourself and your life deeply by using the same strategy I have developed & used to help myself and for sustainable happiness, health and success.

1:1 Coaching

Let’s see together how you can help yourself to reach your goals, be autonomous, self-confident, strong, powerful.

1/2 day Intensive strategy Coaching

Develop a strategy and concrete action plan together on how you can help yourself.

Books & Self-Coaching Cards

Get my books in self-development, inspiring coaching cards and relationship caps to work on your self.

Raise happy, healthy & successful children. Now

 What you can expect when working with me.


Most important features

Get your super power back as a parent or future parent

More contentement a new good experiences in your parenting job and for your children

Make yourself and your children feel ok, decrease solitude

Help your children to identify their feelings and take them seriously as well as develop their intuition

Raise autonomous, self-confident & children with a strong mindset

Adopt an ‘I can learn it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Become a strong and inspiring leader to your children, find your joy in your life

Develop the perfect time management

Help yourself & your children, find inner peace

Understand you do not need to be a master to be a parent

      Raise children who will change the world for a better.


Coach highly sensitive INFPs creatives twin flames by Julia Noyel

Bene.-fits of working with me 

Benefit 1

step into your power/  increase your children‘s compliance with your demands.

Benefit 2

Playfulness /
Embracing enthusiasm/
Improve the bond with your children.

Benefit 3

Clear the air, purification,
forgive yourself.

Benefit 4

Overcome your fears of being a parent. Become a SAFE parent.

Simple/Efficient/Straight forward




Let yourself be inspired

My aim is to share with you parenting strategies and parenting tips that are simple-creative, intuitive, natural,
efficient and fun and aimed at having a kind, loving relationship build on trust.
They inspired and helped me to feel safe, strong, self-confident as a parent.
I believe they might help you too, to become the best parent you can imagine.


Get my practical guide

Master the art of raising happy, healthy & successful children in 9 simple steps.

Raise happy, healthy & successful children. Build inner SUBSTANCE, a strong mindset, self-confident children in 9 simple steps.

You want to get personalised advice,
1:1 coaching on how to finally succeed in your projects,
creating sustainable, health, happiness and success in all areas of your life?

Julia Noyel Coaching Stratégique succès amour enfants argent

1/2 day (3hrs) strategy coaching

The first small step to your new life starts here

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