Ready for creating you the job that makes  you
successful, happy, free & healthy?

You’ve a job, perhaps even very well paid, but you are very unhappy at work, maybe you even hate your job?

You know what you wanna do, but you continue accepting jobs that give you financial safety and recognition instead of passion?

You have started your dream job, created your own business, but you seem not reaching your goals, no clients, no money, etc?

DESPITE your many  efforts, best  intentions & strong motivation, you fail over and over again in reaching your goals of earning good money with your passion and using your true gifts to make this world a better place?

hi there


Hi, I am Julia.
am so glad you are here.

I am a truth and “true love” seeker, passionate about my work. I show  you how to create yourself a job you love for a life-time, that makes you feel balanced, creates sustainable success, makes you happy, healthy & successful and is meaningful.

I have been working for many years as Consultant, Coach & Trainer, lecturer in various business schools. I have over 15 years of experience in the field of international human resources management, leadership and consulting, coaching and training in an international context and I have myself completely changed my professional life since 2009.

Today I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus on self-esteem & mindset), a ‘highly intuitive’, founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®, and expert in body-mind-soul communication.

I am obsessed with researching and developing the most efficient tools to lead a balanced & peaceful life, find peace, earn money with our passion, be self-reliant, increase self-awareness, change your perspective,  and creating a perfect, sustainable, happy, healthy and successful life based on mindfulness and LOVE & romance, as well as raising happy, healthy and thriving children in a mindful and non-overbearing way, preventing struggles, health and psychological problems for ourselves, our children and our loved ones.

I’m here to share my world, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, intuitive insights and wisdom, knowledge, expert advice, personal experience, accomplishments, secrets and SUCCESS strategies with you!


              You do not need to be  a master to start creating your ideal job.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help. 


You feel like in an impasse, stuck, failure over failure  no matter how hard you try, things seems not getting permanently better in professional life?
You have the impression that you need to hide, can’t show who you truly are because you feel so different?
You feel completely numb, lack passion and motivation? Afraid of never feeling your passion again?
    You lack self-awareness about your TRUE strengths? 

    You lack commitment, passion & pleasure in your work? 
   You have the impression of doing a job others told you to do, realizing someone else’s dreams, feeling the need other people judging your capacities, not doing what you truly like?

You feel like you will never earn or have enough clients, succeed in your business.

     You do not know how to communicate your unique gift & offer to the world? 

You do not know which choices to make for your work, constantly changing (your offer, website, etc.)

You feel like personal development, love, success are not for you,
as nothing works at least not for long.

                  Did you find yourself in one of the above?

Go(o)d that you are here

Let’s create a happy, healthy,
successful & sustainable professional life for you!


Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to create your ideal job and master the art of a different, happy, healthy, and successful career.©-Rudie-Fotolia.com_.jpg

There is a success formula.

Change your job. Join me in the adventure of mastering
the art of a different, happy, healthy AND successful life.

begin now

Begin now: take your first step.
Set the foundation, plan & take action.

What if I told you you can actually
create the job you have always dreamt of?


Fulfill your wishes, overcome obstacles, succeed definitely even after repeated struggles with earning money with your passion

Overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours patterns that hinder you from changing jobs or being happy at work

Use your own innovative approach that passionates you and your clients

Step into your power, overcome obstacles

Become a master of your professional future

Be noticed for who you truly are and earn money with your gift

Manifest and attract what you want in your professional life

Create a balance between LOVE & Work, have a deep loving romantic relationship for a lifetime AND create your dream job at the same time.

   Earn enough money, get the right clients and thrive in your business on a sustainable basis.

   Learn the skills you need.

  Get a strategy and tools that actually work.

         You are striving for completion, seeking for new doorways,
be joyful again ?

             Here’s how we can work together

E-Mail Classes & Self-learn Classes

Get quick and daily inspiration and some tools to help yourself.

Deep transformative
Coaching programs

Transform yourself and your life deeply by using the same strategy I have developed & used to help myself and for sustainable happiness, health and success.

Intuitive reading

Get my intuitive insights & inspiration.

1/2 day Intensive strategy Coaching

Develop a strategy and concrete action plan together on how you can help yourself.

Books & coaching cards

Get my books in self-development, inspiring coaching cards and relationship caps to work on your self.


‘Working, being happy, healthy
AND successful is possible!


 Learn most efficient and inspiring tools I used to strenghten your inner SUBSTANCE
and to be different, happy, healthy & successful at WORK.
Discover my coaching programs here

SUBSTANCEMIND® - for a peaceful body mind, Soul and a happy, healthy & successful life

A 10-weeks Deep body-mind-soul transformation program to get out of confusion, listen to yourself, and free your inner SUBSTANCE. Get clarity & change your life permanently!

True love back program - for sustainable success in all areas of your life

a 10-months Deep body-mind-soul transformation program including ALL my programs to finally attract true LOVE back into your life and succeed in all areas of your life!

A different job: Find a job that makes you happy, healthy & successful

a 21 days eCourse to change your life and realize your dream life step by step.

Learn the skills for a sustainable, happy, healthy & successful work life

You struggle at work, lacking self-confidence, having conflicts, suffering from stress, not knowing how to handle your emotions, being assertive and protect you against overwhelming colleagues? Learn the skills to strengthen your inner SUBSTANCE, set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful at work.

     Get my practical guides here

Black sheep live better: how to realize your dream life step by step.

Change your life in 5 simple steps and live a happy, healthy AND successful life. Get my practical step by step guide. Take action Now.

Master the art of a happy, healthy AND successful life

Build inner SUBSTANCE, a strong mindset, be self-confident in 9 simple steps. Get my practical guide NOW.

You are struggling at work, unhappy with your job, lacking motivation,
not doing a job you love,
you want to change something in your work life
and you do not know how or where to start? 

joyful life

 What you can expect when working with me.

Most important features

Get your super power back

Discover your gift

Find what your true ‘likes’, Build a strong personal branding strategy

Do it your way: accept your uniqueness

Learn autonomy: free yourself from the thoughts of others

Adopt an ‘I can learn it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Become a strong and inspiring & mindful leader to yourself & others

Surf your emotions

 Become an efficiency guru

Help you to reduce stress, improve & create your ideal working environment
    Help you to develop skills to communicate more effectively

Understand you do not need to be a master to begin living your dream job


Bene.-fits of working with me 

benefits when working with me

Playfulness /
Embracing enthusiasm

Empowerment /
step into your power

Clear the air, purification,
Release what is not yours

Activate your vibrant life force /
Show yourself

your life before_work


lucky eggs

 Be a strong leader to yourself and others

In my transformational programs, I am eager to share with you my two success strategies as well as my personal experience, deep intuitive insights I got during spiritual awakening, as well my knowledge I have gained as certified coach & psychological advisor, corporate trainer, coach and consultant, and highly intuitive to allow you to set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in your love life, at work, with your children and your daily life.r

I will show you how I did to manage self-doubt, chronic pain, disease, failures, the feeling of being not ok or different (e.g. highly sensitive, INFPs, empaths, twin flames, dual souls, all not oks) and how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, establish a strong success mindset to overcome challenges, be happy and succeed and create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life.


You want to get personalised 1:1 coaching to finally succeed in your projects, creating sustainability for a happiny, healthy and successfull life?

Julia Noyel Coaching Lyon Cannes

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

The first small step to your happy, healthy and successful life starts here

Subliminal videos and positive affirmations

on my YOUTUBE Channel

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Blog self-confidence and self-esteemGet inspired. Discover my latest articles & youtube videos below.

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