Welcome to my coaching programs. I am very glad you are here. Let’s see how I can support you the best. I know we are all different, so I offer different services depending on your spefic needs at this time and your budget. On this page you find following offers: Deep-body-mind-soul transformation programs as well as 1:1 strategy coaching.

Please feel free to also check out my shop for my coaching products, mini services such as practical guides & eCourses, coaching card decks, relational caps.

Please scroll down to learn more about how I can support you, to find the most convenient service for you. For any questions please feel free to contact me.

                        DeepTransformative Self-help Programs for sustainable change

True love, happy relationship, children, success on all levels, money, creating own business, twin flame reunion, selfhelp, managing your life successfully

Spirituality, hearing voices, psychic gift, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, mediumship

Get true LOVE back into your life -
Succeed on ALL levels.

An intensive transformative program including ALL my programs to get true love back into your life, be happy, healthy & successful on a sustainable basis in all areas, create the relationship you want, be best parent, reunite with your twin flame, make the world a better place.
2225 EUR

(two payments possible)

Overcome Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND®.

A 7 months spiritual awakening intensive coaching to help yourself to overcome the spiritual awakening period, manage fears, hearing voice, visions, paranormal appearances, develop your upcoming gift, intuitive skills, mediumship, psychic gifts, protect yourself.

1700 EUR (two payments possible)


Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life

A 8 Week Program to build inner SUBSTANCE, to raise self-esteem & self-confidence, build a solid foundation for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL life on a sustainable basis.

599 EUR

Master the art of Raising happy, healthy & successful children

A 8 Week Program
to build inner SUBSTANCE, become best parent you wanna to be, build Self-esteem, raise happy, healthy & successful children,

690 EUR
(contact me for couple discount)

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All my 4 coaching programs are self-help programs. My aim is to foster your autonomy, reach excellence, capacity to help yourself, take full responsability, feel powerful in life. My transformative programs allow you deep transformation, change, to set a solid foundation to master a happy, healthy, successful life on a sustainable basis for you, your children.

If you seek for a complete program, I recommand my program get true deep love back – success on all levels. This is my master program that includes all my programs.

Julia Noyel is sharing with you her tools, strategies she has successfully used for herself. All her content is delivered based on best pedagocial approaches to learning Julia could confirm during her many years experience working in training, corporate coaching, people management, leadership, working as business school teacher, and working with international children from age 6 to 17. Julia is certified coach and psychological advisor, specialist in energy work, having two master degrees one in international economics (in strategy & management) 

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You need customized 1 to 1 coaching?  


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I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

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