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Welcome to my Happy life learning space. I am very glad you are here. Let’s see how I can support you the best. I know we are all different and so I offer different services depending on your spefic needs at this time and your budget. Below you find following offers: Deep-mind-spirit transformation programs and 1:1 strategy coaching. Please feel free to check out my shop for practical guides & eCourses, coaching decks, intuitive readings, relational caps & free subliminal Youtube videos.

Please scroll down to learn more about how I can help you and to find the most convenient service for you. For any questions please feel free to contact me.

Deep body-mind-spirit cell reprogrammation transformation program

Get true LOVE back into your life -
Succeed on ALL levels.

A 10 months transformative program including ALL my programs to get true love back into your life, and be happy, healthy & successful on a sustainable basis in all areas, reunite with your twin flame, heal the world.
2222 EUR

(monthly payments possible)

6668 EUR

Normal fee



4446 EUR

you save

2222 EUR

You will pay

SUBSTANCEMIND® - for a peaceful & body, mind, soul and a happy, healthy & successful life

In this 10-weeks program I share with you SUBSTANCEMIND®, the approach I have developed to free myself permanently from any energetical & emotional blockages, past trauma, unhealthy patterns, unconscious negative beliefs, chronic pain and to reprogram all my cells completely.
1158 EUR

(monthly payments possible)

Overcome Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND®.

A 7 months spiritual awakening intensive coaching to overcome the spiritual awakening period, manage hearing voice and auditory hallucinations, paranormal appearances and develop your psychic gifts.
1999 EUR

(monthly payments possible)

 Online Coaching Programs to Learn important life skills

Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life

A 8 Week Program to build inner SUBSTANCE, to raise self-esteem & self-confidence and to be HAPPY, HEALTHY & SUCCESSFUL

599 EUR

Master the art of Raising happy, healthy & successful children

A 8 Week Program
to build inner SUBSTANCE, Self-esteem and to raise happy, healthy & successful children, get trained for your parent role.

690 EUR
(contact me for couple discount)

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You need customized 1 to 1 coaching?  


Julia Noyel Coaching Lyon Cannes

I offer 1/2 day (=3hrs) strategy coaching.

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