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7 Weeks ‘program to overcome Spiritual Awakening’

 a 7 Week intensive Coaching Program 
to overcome the spiritual awakening process, stop hearing voices
and get back control over your body, mind, soul and life

Get your life back under control. Join my 7 Weeks Spiritual awakening intensive coaching program.

Before I tell you all about this life changing program, let’s see about who this is really for.

You were thrown in the middle of spiritual awakening maybe after intensive spiritual practice or energy healing work? Did you start a twin flame journey? Do you struggle? Hearing voices, paranormal appearances? You suffer from permanent confusion, intensive fear? Intensive pain after spiritual practice or retreat? Nobody prepared you for all this new and scary awareness? You have the impression you are losing your mind?
Is this familiar to you?

7 weeks spiritual awakening program

Whether you’re…
hearing voices, suffering from paranormal appearances, spiritual attacks, or suddent intensive pain,  after intensive spiritual, energy healing or self development practice, having the impression of losing your mind and control over body. You are here at the right place.

Spiritual awakening can be a nice project however not always fun when we have not planned it.  It happened to me and I know how lost and alone this might make us feel. In this program, you will discover all you need to go through this period of spiritual awakening, to develop self-management skills, learn knowledge and set a solid foundation to be happy, healthy & successful in life once you got out of this period of awakening.

During my  7 Weeks Spiritual Awakening intensive coaching you will acquire important skills to get control back over your body, mind and soul, space and your life. This 7 weeks program is based on my own experience of spiritual awakening (without using any meditation or yoga.)

What you will learn

You’re in the right place. In this  program I’m going to tell you exactly how to overcome spiritual awakening and get control back over your life. I will give share with you the exact strategy I have used in order to stop hearing nasty voices within a couple of days, how I dealt with paranormal appearances, psychic attacks and stopped intensive pain.

By the end of this program you will :

  1. Know why and what is happens to you and what spiritual awakening is.
  2. have a strategy and tools to calm your fears and confusion.
  3. know how to communicate with the universe.
  4. know how to deal with paranormal appearances (spirits, seeing visions, hearing sounds, smells, etc.)
  5. know how to deal with hearing voices and learn different ways to manage distressing, confusing or difficult voices, stop nasty voices.
  6. know how to protect yourself against spiritual attacks
  7. have learned SUBSTANCEMIND© approach, revolunnary and extraordinary approach I have developped during my spiritual awakening and that helped me to get quickly control back over my life and completely changed my life.
  8. have learned an integrative mindful approach taking in consideration your left and right brain, your heart and soul and to cleanse all underlying issues on your own and not only that 
an easy and integrative approach that helped me to get true love back into my life.
  9. know how to stay positive and optimistic, develop a strong mind and give you the confidence to be who you are, to understand, listen and use your gifts.


installment paymens possible up to
3 Monthly Payments of 690 + 2*570 EUROS
Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A one-time payment of 1830 EUR
Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus (access to email class ‘Become a Master Manifestor’ + ‘Black sheep live better, how to realize your dream life stepy by step’ Total value = 72 EUR)

Why are there no testimonials?

Because each story is unique and in this class I will teach you to trust your heart and intuition and this starts here!  I do not want you to get influenced by others but learn to listen to your heart and intuition because this is my class is about, and your struggles are about: TRUE autonomy and freedom as well taking full responsibility for our choices in life.
I believe, what other people believe or experience is the person’s opinion and what might be good or bad for them might be quite different for you. I personally never relied on testimonials or rankings and always relied on myself. I even tried to close my eyes not to see them. This is one of my keys of success in life in general and also during my spiritual awakening period and one of the first I wanna share with you. Before subscribing to this program dig deep into yourself and feel how it feels and what you think. Then decide.

FQA: But how can I know this program is right for me? Well, as said below you need to listen to yourself. If you do not feel sure, take a couple of days to reflect and feel. You can watch my free master class in order to learn more about this program. I believe if you found my program there is a reason for it, dig deep into yourself to understand how you feel and the why and you decide if you feel that this is the right thing to do.


Detailed program:

Modul 1:

In this modul I will share with you my story of spiritual awakening and how I overcame spiritual awakening.

I will explain you signs of spiritual awakening. I will provid your with self-assessment tools to evaluate your current situation, fix goals and clarify expectations.

Modul 2:

In this modul you will learn what spiritual awakening is.
In this phase I will share with you my understanding of spiritual awakening and what your gift is about and how you can use it.

Modul 3:

In this modul you will learn how to calm your fears and strong emotions during the spiritual awakening process.
In this phase I will share with you how I dealed with anxiety and challenges. I share with you what I did to calm myself, how to overcome moments of huge fear and techniques how to deal with unpleasant feelings. Most efficient tools to get control back over your life in uncertain times and to keep control over your body, mind and soul.

Modul 4:

In this modul you will learn how I collaborated with the universe and god creator of all that is to heal myself and go through spiritual awakening.
I will share with you my experience and tips and lessons I have learned while working with uiverse and god creator of all that is. How to understand and use signs from the universe and how to use them to heal myself and get myself whole and I to reset my body mind and soul to 0.

Modul 5:

In this modul I will  show you how to Handle paranormal and spirits activities.

I will share how I successfully dealt with paranormal appearances in my appartment and on my body and how you can deal with hearning voices. I will share with you how I dealt with different types of spirits in my appartment and how I got control back over my place and how to use them in a mindful way to heal myself.

Modul 6:

In this modul you will learn how to Protect yourself and deal with spiritual attacks

I will teach you what spirit attacks are and how I dealed with spiritual attacks, how you can protect yourself during spiritual awakening.

Modul 7:

In this modul you will learn how to Stay positive and optimistic and how to strenghen your mindset to prepare for your life after the spiritual awakening period.
I will teach you how I stayed optimistic, how I got the right mindset in complete uncertain times, low motivation during my spiritual awakening, stay motivated, and develop survival strategies for challenging times. I show you how I did to prepare myself for the period after spiritual awakening.

Get all the benefits

Benefits of my 7 weeks spiritual awakening survival intensive coaching:

  • Being encouraged and inspired by my own story of spiritual awakening
  • Being not alone in these overwhelming moments
  • Detect and protect against negative energies
  • Learning a logical approach different than yoga and meditation or energy healing
  • Understand your pain and release it
  • Decrease anxiety and stress and feel good about yourself
  • Emotional intelligence and become emotionally independent
  • Concrete and practical methods with a soul-body-mind approach
  • Simple and inspiring tools easily applicable by everyone
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant

For whom?

All people who were thrown into spiritual awakening without having been prepared to it, people who need assistance to go through spiritual awakeneing process, who are overwhelmed by hearing voices or seeing visions, suffering from spiritual attacks, rational minds struggling with the  spiritual word, all who better want to understand spiritual awakening and universe, all people on twin flame journey struggling with spiritual awakening symptoms and issues, want to get control back over their life;

By purchasing this program, you will get access to TWO of my MASTER programs: 

  • Access to 7 weeks intensive coaching program to overcome spiritual awakening in which I share with you my experience, insighhts and knowledge as well the exact strategy I have used to overcome spiritual awakening
  • Access to SUBSTANCEMIND® in which you will learn the approach (Value 1258 EUR) I have developed to manage the paranormal and stop confusion
  • 4 + 4 hrs video sessions
  • > 200 pages workbook
  • 690 EUR upfront + 2*570 EUR per month payment (3 months) or 1830 EUR single payment + extra bonus

Video training

You will get access to both programs’ video content to work through, in which I share with you the exact strategy I have used to help myself successfully, proven strategies, tools and my personal advice and secrets for the spiritual awakening period.

Downloadable workbook

You will get access to small portions for download for each session and the two programs. You can keep it, print it and work through it over and over again. Worksheets, Self-check, Self-commitment sheets with more than 200 pages content, exercises.

Payment flexibility

The rate for individuals is 1830 EUR (installment payment upon demand up to 3 times (=690+2*570 EUR/month) times) for the 7 weeks coaching program. The rate includes videos, a workbook, checklists, quizzes and self-check.

Julia Noyel Inner SUBSTANCE Coach & intuitivee healerWhy learn with me?

Hi I am Julia, I am a very rational person interested in leadership and Havard business review… kind of person when one day I started perceiving things I had not before.
After an initial period of confusion, I finally discovered my true strengths and gift, the amazing functioning of the spiritual world, of our body-mind, and soul, subconscious mind and overcame always repeating patterns, self-doubts, and strong emotions and could finally get my life back under control.
I successfully managed symptoms of spiritual awakening (including paranormal activity, discovering my psychic gifts of past life reader and intuitive healer, relying solely on my divine masculine and feminine, myself, my body, mind, and spirit god creator of all that is and the universe.

Passionate about authenticity, love, self-healing, and driven by excellence I made it my mission to help everyone to be able to heal for a happy, healthy, and successful life. In this program I share with you how I overcame spiritual awakening. I am a certified coach, consultant, and trainer, and psychological advisor as well as expert and researcher in intuitive healing of psychological and personal disorders, chronic disease.

© Photo credit: my profile picture:, Photo by bruce mars from Pexels, © Julia Noyel 2016 Copyright. All rights reserved.