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Welcome to my emotional paintings

 « If you want to be an artist
do not only talk about ART
but do it! »
Julia Noyel, Writer & Coach

About my expressive or emotional paintings

Expressive or emotional painting as I called it is a technique I developed for myself. It helped me to free myself from chronic and psychosomatic pain.

Julia Noyel founder of art of a happy, healthy & successful lifeFor most of my emotional & expressive paintings, I use only my fingers and acrylic colors. I discovered this kind of painting while sitting on a terrace with a glass of wine one evening several years ago, myself suffering from chronical pain and decided to call it expressive and emotional painting. Desperate I took a piece of paper and some colors and started painting my pain when I noticed that by painting, the pain disappeared. I also noticed the energetical power my paintings have; My expressive paintings are highly intuitive, my inspiration comes deeply from my body-mind and soul.

Only 10 years later I completely understood who I am truly and the true and amazing power my painting haves. Today I want to share with you my experience and paintings in order to help you to change your life. I decided to create coaching card decks for emotional and spiritual awareness. Please check my coaching card decks out in my happy life shop.

spiritual and emotional awareness coaching cards

In my coaching program get true deep love back – success on all levels I show you how to use this technique I have developed for myself in a strategic an healthy way.

Shortly after this experience I also created emotional dancing and emotional music. Please feel free to check them out on my youtube channel.

Discover my paintings here…