How to raise my child – 3 (out of 6) mistakes to avoid (cont’)

How to raise my child – 3 (out of 6) mistakes to avoid (cont')How to raise my child – 3 (out of 6) mistakes to avoid (cont’ mistake 4-6)

by Julia Noyel

Do you want to be the best parent you can be… but are you afraid that you don’t have the right skills or that you will harm your child in any way?

If you are afraid, I understand you, because being a parent is a big responsibility, especially if you want to be an ideal parent. I believe ideal parents are much needed in this world. So I congratulate you for the courage, willingness, and love you have to become an ideal parent. If you have read my article ‘How to raise my child – 3 (of 6) mistakes to avoid’ in which I share with you mistakes 1 to 3, you know how important I think it is to have the right skills to prepare our children for life and lay the foundations strong enough to enable them to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. I have seen and heard many parents make the same mistakes over and over again. They have invested all their energy and all their money in the education of their children and are disappointed that their children are unhappy, sick, or do not succeed in life as adults. In this article, I will share with you 3 out of 6 errors that I have observed.

Avoid making these mistakes if you want to raise happy, healthy, successful children.

Make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes to help your children be happy, healthy and successful later in life. Here are the 3 out of 6 errors that I could observe:

“I think as a parent you need to take a critical view of your parents’ parenting style.” -Julia Noyel

Mistake n°4 – repeat behavior transmitted by their own parents that were not the best

Raising children who are happy, healthy, and successful in life is probably the goal of all parents. But how can you make sure the goal is achieved? As a parent, I believe it’s important to evaluate your own parents’ parenting methods objectively without blaming them.
By that, I don’t mean judging or criticizing your own parents, but simply seeing what was helpful and what was less helpful.

Mistake n°5 – use communication style without knowing the impact on your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeThe following questions can help you:

  1. Am I aware of my words and their consequences?
  2. Do I repeat the same phrases and words with my children that I heard from my own parents without thinking consciously?

If so, I believe for helping your children to be happy, healthy, and successful, it’s important to watch over your words. Avoid a communication style that can have a negative effect on your children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Mistake n°6 – being not aware of the long term consequences of their behavior

Are you aware of the long-term consequences of your parenting style? To reduce problems, crises, conflicts for your children, it is useful to have a strategy, a structured approach, a process and skills. I believe there is a well-thought-out process that helps raise happy, healthy, and successful children in life.

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