3 Signs You are on a Twin Flame Journey

3 signs you are on a twin flame journey3 Signs You are on a Twin Flame Journey

by Julia Noyel
You think you are on a twin flame journey and wonder if that’s true? What are the signs to recognize a twin flame? What signs are there that tell you for sure that you are on a twin flame journey? Perhaps you have already read some things. In this article, I am sharing with you my experience, three signs that have told me that I am on a twin flame journey.

On my own twin flame journey, I googled what signs for twin flame are out of curiosity, and I can say that what was claimed was not true. For example, it is often said that the deepest, most intense, intimate feelings are a sign of recognizing your twin flame. With the twin flame, we would have a magnetic attraction, deep feelings! Well I believe that’s true, but when it comes to feeling deeply, reach emotional availability in the twin flame journey, you have intense, intimate feelings.

In my experience, the purpose of the twin flame journey is to become whole, be who you truly are, connect with the heart (at least for one of the partners,
probably you if you’re here), and feel your deep romantic feelings.

Even statements such as in the case of abusive behavior, this is NOT your twin flame, can be misleading, as I believe. (Caution: I’m not saying you should tolerate any abusive behavior, absolutely not! I’m just saying that if your partner is behaving in harsh ways  that’s not a sign that he or she isn’t your twin flame)

“I knew from the start that my twin flame is my twin flame. It was not an intimate feeling but a knowledge. I just knew. A deep knowledge.” – Julia Noyel

What are the signs of a twin flame journey?

I think you know perfectly well if your partner is your twin flame; at least you knew it before you googled (-:
My tip: be courageous, Trust yourself. I knew from the beginning that my twin flame was my twin flame. It was not an intimate feeling but a deep knowledge (1). I just knew. With a deep understanding, I knew I could achieve what I was always looking for with this man.
Another sign for me was that I suddenly really wanted to change something about myself (2). Even if I had worked on myself for many years, this time, it was different. It was the wish to be a genuinely stable, ideal partner,  to stop searching for more and more (3). It was a feeling of being ready for this partner to really put in the effort. It wasn’t a feeling that you have to accept me as I am, but a feeling of deep inner motivation to be deep loving, gentle, kind.
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