I am a highly sensitive person – Am I too sensitive

I am a highly sensitive person – Am I too sensitive

There are days when you feel overwhelmed by people, you feel hurt or you meet people who simply do not understand your sensitivity? Tired of hearing that you are ‘too sensitive’? Fed up with people who tell you that you do not understand their jokes! I know how you feel. Often as a highly sensitive person, we heard those words when we were a child again and again. And we have consciously or unconsciously inferred that we are wrong as we are and that we need to change.
If you are struggling with any doubts about yourself and your sensitivity, let me give you here a quick reminder about what it means to be a highly sensitive person or an empath.

I am a highly sensitive person – Am I too sensitive?

Being highly sensitive means you have the capacity…:

1. …to live more intensely and creatively

You have the capacity to be more enthusiastic, to live more intensively, you will never get bored.

2. …to understand others without words

You have the capacity to understand others, the capacity to place yourself in another’s shoes. Sometimes we understand and feel the emotions of others even if they don’t express their emotions, either because they do not know how to communicate them, or because they are not aware of their emotions.

3. …to detect danger before others do!

Being highly sensitive also means to feel the emotions and energy fields around us a little bit like animals do and having a keen intuition. As a highly sensitive person or an empath you have the gift to understand things even before others do; also to detect danger. You have the capacity of complex thoughts, to analyze complex situations, and to pay attention to small details, even details that cannot be seen by the eyes of others.

4. … to dive in the spiritual non seen word.

Being highly sensitive or an empath often means also having clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairaudient or clairsentient capacities, able to perceive and interpret energy.

5. …for transforming negative reality into a positive one easily

As you have a vivid imagination and creativity you can use this capacity to manifest your dreams easily and attract a happy, healthy & successful life, to transform yourself and the world to a better place.

Those are just some of your gifts! I truly believe, you have much more!

So what to do about people around you who do not stop telling you that you are too sensitive?

The good news is rejection coming from others might be a reflection of yourself. So you can solve it by working on YOU! From my experience, to live a different, happy, healthy & successful life it is helpful to stop labeling yourself as highly sensitive. What?! Yes, exactly. When I stopped labbeling me things got better.

I have tried so many things over the past ten years, and things completely changed for the better when I used  SUBSTANCEMIND®  It’s is a powerful method I developed for myself in order to help me stop attracting this kind of situation others rejecting me and accept me. Please feel free to learn here more about SUBSTANCEMIND…


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