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How to attract success and money and realize your dream life


How to attract success and money and realize your dream life

by Julia Noyel

Do you sometimes ask yourself how to attract finally and easily money and success? Let me tell you my story. I remember the time when I worked hard, was tired, had no money, and I spend all my time on my work. One evening after 12 hours in front of my screen, I was thinking “why is it so painful and so much effort, work should not be like this!” It was a difficult time, I had the impression of having no control and felt powerless. Wanna know what had happened?

I suddenly remembered a time when everything was easy; life was so beautiful. I worked a lot, but it was not hard. Things came to me easily. I felt so good. Customers called me. Success and money came to me quickly each time I needed new clients or money. I had plenty of work and a 6 figure income, just within one year after having started my own activity. So what could have happened? Why, after this easy-going time, I experienced life suddenly so differently?

Is this familiar to you? Have you changed your job and tried hard to attract money and success into your life and suddenly things are not working out as before? I thought about it. What was different?

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

How to attract money and success into your life


From my experience and intuitive insights, I believe it would be helpful to ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel discouraged to start from scratch and do it all over again?
  2. Do I have any fears of change and lack self-confidence?
  3. Might I have been deceived by any people I love who wanna be helpful but giving me harmful advice or behaving in harmful ways and disempowering ways?


“What is helpful to overcome this is to change
your perspective about things and find creative ways
to motivate yourself.” – Julia Noyel

What is helpful to overcome this is to change your perspective about things and find creative ways to motivate yourself. Once you build a positive and create vision your will attract money and success easily.

In my 10 month program get true love back, success on ALL levels I will show you how to do it your WAY. You will learn overcome obstacles to change and accept unpleasant feelings. How to focus your energy to succeed. I will share with you my wisdom and empower you to develop your own wisdom. So you will feel confident. I used my own spiritual strategy to manifest and it worked perfectly well.

I believe the majority of people who fail in realizing their dream life on a sustainable basis, be successful and become wealthy might lack patience. They want things quickly, instant rewards. However, many of the people who successfully realize their dream life, are successful and become wealthy use powerful spiritual tools and are enduring and persevere; They are connected to the divine they manifest their dreams by using powerful tools also athletes use. They have a clear vision and a specific mindset, a strategy, and an approach that works best for them, precisely as I did when it all worked fine. They use a method that suits their creative personality, they believe in themselves, and it’s their attitude and positive thoughts that help them to attract their dream life, success, and money. They are in a flow.

From my experience, if you want to attract your dream life, you need to be in this flow and use an approach that is in line with your intuitive, romantic and spiritual personality.
In my 10 months intensive transformative program get true love back – success on all levels, I share with you the strategy I have used to shift my energy and set a solid foundation for realizing my dreams of true deep love and romance and attracting success, happiness, and money back into my life. If you want to know more about, please feel free to check it out here.

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