create your ideal life, live a happy, healthy successful life

by Julia Noyel

Julia Noyel founder of art of a happy, healthy & successful life Coach Infp highly sensitive intuitive creative empath twin flameshi there I am so glad you are here,

you want to

create your ideal life, live a happy, healthy, successful life, have a happy couple, deep loving, peaceful, deep romantic relationship, do the job you are passionate about, having children, waking up every morning jumping out of your bed enjoying the day ! feeling good about yourself ?!

I know this is possible

here is how I can help :

talk about your current life

give you my external point of view as well as my intuitive insights

see together how to create your ideal life, how to be happy, healthy, successful in
all areas of your life

handle your emotions, resilience

create you a perfect living, work environment

INFP highly sensitive creative empathe


topics we can talk about

create your ideal life, a happy, healthy successful life

create your ideal job

have a happy couple create your ideal relationship

work at your perfect place

create a family, pregnancy, get pregnant naturally

be a best parent, raise children

earn money, be financially independant, work from home

have enough time for yourself, your children, your relationship

highly sensitive, creative, highly intuitive INFP, empath, twin flame topics



  • feeling supported
  • get clarity
  • get new perspectives on how to reach your goals in all areas of your life
  • feel confident
  • motivated, encouraged
  • Discover your unique talent, be truly authentic
  • Learn autonomy: free yourself from the thoughts of others
  • Use your super power in safe, healthy protected ways, be super resilient in every day life
  • Adopt an ‘I can do it attitude’: move forward with your fears
  • Be a strong & inspiring leader to yourself, others
  • Help yourself & others, find completion
  • Help to do it your way: to accept your uniqueness, use your greatness


Coaching sessions

I offer one hour, 5-hours, 10-hours coaching packages

1/2 a day, one day intensive coaching sessions

as well my coaching program get true love back into your life success on all levels that helps you to help yourself in all areas of your life.

Whereas a one hour session might be a good way to talk about your current state for deeper work a 5 hours, 10 hours coaching package might be helpful. Payments are done in advance and coaching sessions are normally once per week (=60min). you can also opt for a 2 hours session at the beginning and then having one hours sessions with me.

you can also book my 1/2 day, 1 day strategic coaching session if you want to work intensely with me during half a day (3hours), one day on the topic laying the foundation to move forward on your own.



During my coachings sessions I help you develop your own innovative approach, use your unique talent to create your ideal life. I also give you my intuitive insights as well as hands-on advice to help you create your ideal life, be successful in your
leading a happy, healthy successful life.

My coaching sessions take place by phone or video in English, German, or French. Depending on the question, client I choose the most appropriate tools. I work intuitively,
practical, strategically. My coaching sessions are the perfect solution to you if you seek for guidance and you want to talk to me, get clarity and my direct support.

Fees: 160 EUR/hour coaching session, contact me. (-:

Feel free to also check out my coaching programs that help you be truly autonomous.


coaching packages you can choose

1/2 day
Strategic Coaching

(prepaid 3 hours package=1/2 day)

per visio
or phone.

simply contact me by email to book your strategic session.

450 EUR (VAT included)
750 EUR/day (VAT included)

5 sessions

(prepaid 5 sessions package)
1 hour sessions (=60 min) by visio
or phone, once per week.

simply contact me by email to book your coaching sessions.

750 EUR (VAT included)

Coaching 1:1

10 sessions

(prepaid 10 sessions package)
1 hours sessions (=60min) by visio
or phone, (possibility to book two hours sesssions) once per week.

simply contact me by email to book your coaching sessions.

1500 EUR (VAT included)

Coaching 1:1




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