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Develop spiritual mastery, master your unique talent, your intuition Overcome Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND® by Julia Noyel

Overcome Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND®

Develop spiritual mastery, master your unique talent,


 an intensive Self-Coaching Program 
to develop spiritual mastery, master your unique talent, your intuition
help yourself to overcome the spiritual awakening process, stop hearing ‘scary’ voices
get back control over your life
1750 EUR  (=8,19 EUR/day)

Julia Noyel founder of art of a happy, healthy & successful life Coach Infp highly sensitive intuitive creative empath twin flames

Join my 7 months deep transformative program to help yourself Develop spiritual mastery, master your unique talent, your intuition, manage hearing voices, stay in control.

You want to master you unique talent, perfectionnate your intuition, use your extraordinary senses to help yourself, others, manage hearing voices, having visions, paranormal appearances, stay safe during spiritual awakening?

Good that you are here…

Make this world a better world, manage your unique talent.

In my 7 steps transformative program, I will share with you the exact strategy I have used to master my unique talent, the wonderful insights, the beauty I have discovered, how to stay in control during spiritual awakening.

Stop inner conflict & confusion


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Check the boxes in order to see if I can help. 

You want to be who you truly are, seen with your spirituality,
your deep senses

You want to be, understood, loved as you are: with your sensitivity, your creativity, your intuitive skills?

You want to trust your intuition, be sure about your choices, manage your insights

You want to feel safe, manage the invisible, work well with the universe, god, use your insights wisely?

You want to understand visions, strange marks, spiritual drawings ?

You want to manage, help others manage strange visions, hearing voices & spiritual, paranormal appearances use them in safe, protected ways?

Perfectionnate your manifestation skills, create the life you truly want

You want to live a spiritual emotional well balanced life

You want to trust again, have clarity!



Did you find yourself in one of the above?

What if you can actually


Master your unique talent, gain spiritual mastery

Develop your unique talent

Understand the reasons for what happens to you

get control, your power back over your life

Manage hearing nasty voices, help others stop hearing nasty voices, manage paranormal appearances, feel safe

develop your intuition, spiritual talent, protect yourself, others.

Stay in control during spiritual awakening, feel safe

Have a balanced, deep loving emotional life: Overcome fear, feel assertive, self-confident,
get a strong mindset.

Step into your power, overcome challenges, be noticed for who you truly are.

Get clarity, use your strenghts, succeed definitely.

Get a strategy and tools that actually work.


Whether you’re


highly sensitive, highly intuitive, creative, you want to master your extrasensorial skills, work with the universe, you are on a twin flame journey, you want to manage
hearing voices, paranormal appearances, stay in control during spiritual awakeing,
being safe, you are here at the right place.

During my 7 months program I will help you help yourself, master your unique talent.  This 7 months program is based on my own experience of spiritual awakening, the strategy I have developped for myself.

What you will learn

In this program I’m going to share with you the exact strategy I have used to stay in control during spiritual awakening, get control back over my life, to stop hearing nasty voices within a couple of days, how I dealt with paranormal appearances, perfectionnated my unique talent, psychic skills.

By the end of this program, you will :

  1. Know why and what happens to you and what spiritual awakening is
  2. know how to master your unique talent, use your intuition wisely in safe ways
  3. have a strategy tools to calm your fears and confusion.
  4. know how to communicate with the universe in safe ways.
  5. know how to deal with paranormal appearances (spirits, seeing visions, hearing sounds, smells, etc.)
  6. know how to deal with hearing voices, learn different ways to manage distressing, confusing, difficult voices, stop nasty voices, develop clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance skills
  7. know how to protect yourself against spiritual attacks
  8. have learned SUBSTANCEMIND© approach, my secret, approach I have developped during my spiritual awakening, that helped me to get quickly control back over my life, completely changed my life.
  9. have learned an integrative mindful approach taking in consideration your left as well as your right brain, your heart, soul, body, to cleanse all underlying issues on your own, not only that 
an easy, integrative approach that helped me to get true love back into my life.
  10. know how to stay positive; optimistic, develop a strong mind, heartset, give you the confidence to be who you are, to understand, listen, use your talent in safe, healthy, protected ways.

Most important features

Get your superpower (back)

Discover your unique talent

Help you to understand the divine & spiritual realm

Help you to understand, love your body,
mind & soul

Get your joy for life, passion back

Learn autonomy: free yourself from what is not yours

Adopt an ‘I can do it attitude’: move forward with your fears

Set healthy boundaries & Surf your emotions

Become a strong, inspiring leader to others

Help yourself & others, first step to find completion

Giving up is not an option


installment payment
one payment 1350 EUR + 400 EUROS (the 3rd month)

A one-time payment of 1700 EUR
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1750 EUR (=8,09 EUR/day)

*All my programs can be boughts as 1:1 coaching. This coaching program can be also booked at 1:1 coaching.  (by phone or zoom).


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What you need when working with me_spiritual awakening


What is included in the 7 months transformative program?

By purchasing this program, you will get access to my MASTER program:

  • Access to 7 months deep transformative coaching program. I will share with you my experience, insights and knowledge as well the exact strategy I have used to overcome spiritual awakening, including SUBSTANCEMIND®,  the approach (Value 1158 EUR) I have developed to manage the paranormal, stop confusion
  • 4 + 4 hrs video sessions
  • > 200 pages workbook
  • 1200 EUR upfront + 500 EUR the 3rd month or 1700 EUR single payment + extra bonus

You feel sure enrolling in this program is what you absolutely want?!

That’s great! Let’s waste no time, start right away to get control back over your life!

Video training

You will get access to both programs’ video content (Spiritual awakening + SUBSTANCEMIND®) to work through, I share with you the exact strategy I have used to help myself successfully, master my unique talent, proven strategies, tools, my personal advice, secrets for the spiritual awakening period, to master your unique talent.

Downloadable workbook

You will get access to small portions for download for each session and the two programs. You can keep it, print it and work through it over and over again with more than 200 pages content, exercises.

1700 EUR

The rate for individuals is 1700 EUR (installment payment possible (=1200 EUR upfront +500 EUR the 3rd month) for the 7 months coaching program. The rate includes videos, a workbook. Possibility to upgrade to Get TRUE LOVE back Program at any time that gives you access to all programs (sacred union included) and + 3 months access (+600 EUR)

                                Get all the benefits

Benefits of my 7 months deep transformative coaching :

  • Being encouraged and inspired by my own story how I master my unique talent, high intuition, sensuality, spiritual awakening
  • Being not alone in these overwhelming moments
  • Feel safe, protect
  • Learning a logical – intuitive approach different than yoga
    and meditation
  • Manage anxiety, feel good about yourself
  • Emotional intelligence and become emotionally safe
  • Concrete, practical methods with a soul-body-mind approach
  • Simple and inspiring tools easily applicable by everyone
  • An action plan tailored to the needs of each participant
support is here

*All my programs can be boughts as 1:1 coaching. This coaching program can be also booked at 1:1 coaching.  (by phone or zoom).

For whom?

All people who are highly intuitive, creative, spiritual, empaths, twin flames, who want to gain spiritual mastery, manage their unique talent, use their intuition in safe, healthy, protected ways, who want to master clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient capacities; who were thrown into spiritual awakening without having been prepared to it, people who need assistance to go through spiritual awakening, people who like solving things on their own, who are want to manage hearing voices seeing visions, rational minds wanting to  interact in safe and healthy ways with the invisible world, all who better want to understand spiritual awakening, universe, gain a new perspective, all people on twin flame journey wanting to stay safe, want to get control back over their life.

Julia Noyel Inner SUBSTANCE Coach & intuitivee healerWhy learn with me?

Hi I am Julia, I am interested in leadership and change management… kind of person when one day I started perceiving things I had not before.

After a first short period of confusion, I decided to solve it on my own according to the motto no challenge is too big for me to overcome; 

I not only helped myself successfully, but I discovered my true strengths, capacity, the amazing functioning of the spiritual world, my body mind and soul.

I am absolutely passionate about authenticity, true deep romantic love, finding solutions for no matter how complex issues. Being driven by excellence, perfection, I made it my mission to help everyone to master their unique talent, be able to help themselves for a happy, healthy, and successful life.

I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus on Self-esteem & Strong Mindset), a ‘highly intuitive and creative’, founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy and successful life, creator of SUBSTANCE-Formula & SUBSTANCEMIND®, expert in body-mind-soul communication.

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