Break up or stay – how to find the courage to end an unhappy relationship

Break up or stay – how to find the courage to end an unhappy relationship

Are you wondering, should I break up or stay – how do I find the courage to end an unhappy relationship?

by Julia Noyel
Are you wondering, should I break up or stay – how do I find the courage to end an unhappy relationship? Why would we leave someone who seems to be a good fit? You can speed up your decision by asking yourself the right questions. Let’s see how. In this article, I share with you 3 questions you might ask yourself to make the right decision and have the courage to leave.

How to know if it is better to stay or to separate

So how do you know if it’s better to stay or to separate? Deep inside you have a feeling or the thought that you made a mistake in your choice? This feeling or thought is worth digging into, I would say. What is important in my opinion is to ask the right questions and to listen to yourself.

Here are 3 questions that can help you see more clearly:

1) Why did I get involved with this person?
The first question you might want to aks yourself is Why did I get involved with this person? If your answer is “because it’s simple”, “because with her/him I can manage my emotions more easily”, “because she/he earns a good living”, “with him/her I don’t have too much strong emotions, it puts me under less stress”, or “he/she reminds me of one of my parents”, “he/she gives me stability” you basically try to compensate your lacks or weaknesses.
Ask yourself: why are my ease and comfort more important to me than true deep love and romance?
2) Why should I stay?
Ask yourself the question: why should I stay? If your answers are mainly motivated by factual or external reasons such as “He/she earns well”, “his/her parents are nice”, “the parents like me”, “he/she will suffer etc.”, “what will the others say”, “I don’t know how to tell him/her.”
Ask yourself: for what reason the material, the other, the parents etc. are they more important than you and the person you will truly love deeply?
3) Do I love my partner passionately?
There are several types of love: You can very well love your partner like a brother, a sister, like a friend but not like a romantic, passionate, deep loving and truly dedicated and committed husband or wife.
Ask yourself: Do I desire my partner deeply? It’s often how you look in each other’s eyes and what you feel, as well as a deep inner knowing that makes the difference between a partner you really desire and truly love and not. Ask yourself the question: do I want to feel passionate and romantic for life, feel deep love and peace or do I want a platonic style relationship?
“Romance and true deep love are for me like food. It
is not a ‘nice-to-have’ but natural.” – Julia Noyel
Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeMy tip: use your discernment and be honest with yourself about your true needs. Me, personally being highly intuitive, a divine woman, and truly deeply romantic, I could not imagine being in a platonic relationship. If you are like me, I believe that with the person you really truly love deeply and who loves you deeply, the passion will never stop, neither after one year nor after 2 or 3 years…or 33 years…
Romance and true deep love are like food for me. It is an essential and natural basic element in my life. It is not a ‘nice-to-have’ but natural, what I give and respect. Especially if you are an INFP, you are an idealist. Trust and believe in yourself. You have the power to get true deep love and romance. Do never settle (again) for anything less!
Sometimes it can be wiser to walk away like a wise elephant and admit that you were wrong, you might have listened to others…or just made a decision that was necessary at a given time to heal past issues and understand your true needs. Now give you the chance to achieve the relationship you really want, and that is your birthright. Because true deep love and romance, passion are your absolute birthright!
In my experience, the most effective way to free yourself from your fears is to release energetic blockages and stuck past emotions, regain your passion, feel and give love and spontaneity and allow yourself a new experience in love with the person you truly deeply love. In my program Get true deep love back, I share with you how powerful you are as you will take full responsibility as my program focuses on taking full responsibility, how to become empowered to transform your life and regain passion, dare to feel true love. Ready to succeed now in your love life? If so check out my program here.
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