How to cleanse from bad karma

How to cleanse from bad karma by julia noyel

You’ve tried to ….
work on yourself, help yourself, live from up your passion, to manage your ‘strange’ visions and paranormal appearances, anxiety, get rid of the spiritual marks, raise the energy in your space, be accepted in your highly sensitivity, your creativity, your difference, to better handle your emotions, get control over your life, body, mind, have a relationship & children, succeed, reach all your goals…? But DESPITE your many efforts, best intentions & strong motivation, you fail over and over again in reaching your goals, things got WORSE? You are wondering if you suffer from bad karma? And especially how to cleanse from bad karma?

You have the impression of having no control over your life, body, mind?  You always have been drawn to spirituality in some way, but now you have strange visions, see spiritual marks, hearing voices & spiritual or paranormal appearances and suffer from spiritual or psychic attacks and you are overwhelmed. Instead of things getting better your life seems to get worse. You don’t understand because you have put the effort into making things better, you are wondering if you suffer from bad karma?

What is bad karma about?

Before talking more in detail about bad karma and how to cleanse from bad karma let’s see what bad karma is. There have been a lot of things written about karma, however in this article I share with you how I define Karma based on the experience and insight I got during my spiritual awakening and while having developed SUBSTANCEMIND®. According to my definition of Karma is all the attachment of past life your system carries. It is the agglomeration of the past memories and stuck emotions. Whereas in the traditional definition of karma it is something you NEED to go through, and Karma is seen as a result of a person’s actions carried over life times. This means what your past life incarnations have done in past life you would need to ‘pay for’ or ‘be recompensed’ in this life. I believe there is often a kind of confusion about this topic. This way of seeing Karma is keeping you powerless, instead of creating your life you suffer it. TO make it simple, I would summarize bad karma as past life failures and traumatas that have not been (re)solved. This can be a failure in all areas of life, failure in being a ‘good’ person, bad events that happened in past life, such as cheating, accidents, betrayal or any other drama that was not be understood neither solved. So from my point of view the reason for bad karma might be lack of mastery in life, believing in fate instead of being an actor and creator of your life. I believe,  it is about a mindset and a disconnection between heart and mind.

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 How to cleanse from bad karma

So the question is how to cleanse from bad karma? Let’s see 3 strategies I have developped to get out of the vicious cycle of repeated failure and cleanse from bad karma.

1) Be clear about who you are

I personally believe Karma is something you don’t need to go through. Because each person is different and what your past life incarnations have done is NOT your fault. You are NOT your past life incarnations. You might however carry the memories of your past life incarnations in your soul and cells AND you can help your body, mind and soul to release those past life memories and forgive themselves.

How to cleanse from bad karma by julia noyel


2) Be a wise  & inspiring leader

When it comes to Karma you need to become a wise leader to yourself and your body. This means if you have the impression in your life all is going wrong and you suffer from repeated failure, you need to become a wise leader to your body, mind and soul. What will ultimately help you.  And here comes in your role. Your role is to become an inspiring leader to yourself, your body, mind and soul to give them a new perspective, change vibrations, to help them to understand what happened in past and make it better, create balance and peace. What will give them peace and give you peace. So what does it need concretely?


3.) Understand past pain & release it

After having clarified your role, understood you have power to positively impact things and decided to become a wise leader, what you need, according to me and my team, is a way to understand your body, mind and soul and get out of confusion. A way to communicate with them and release the pain coming from trauma. This combined with an attitude of faith and gratitude and your gifts will help you to get control back.

In my 7 months program overcome spiritual awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND® I will share with you how I released bad karma. You will learn to Shine who you truly are. Free yourself from the tower and get back control over your body, mind, soul and life, discover the divine & master your psychic gift.





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