How to attract love in life & succeed in creating a longterm relationship

You wanna true deep long-lasting love but failed over and over again? Wondering how to attract love in life & succeed in creating a longterm relationship. You are dreaming of true deep romantic fairy tale love, but you are struggling with having a sustainable long-term relationship?

I understand how you might feel. It can be really frustrating wanting to have peace of mind, harmony, romance for a lifetime, a sustainable long-term relationship, AND getting the contrary over and over again. I am so glad you are here. I am a truth and deep love seeker. I have dedicated the past 10 years to researching and understanding what actually makes some people fail over and over again in their love life even if they want so badly a deep true romantic relationship. During my intuitive studies (I am a highly intuitive) and while working with my coaching clients (I am inner SUBSTANCE Coach specialized in self-confidence and having a strong mindset), I have observed 9 main mistakes people make who fail over and over again in their love life. Here in the following lines, I wanna discuss with you 3 mistakes as well as solutions. So let’s have a look at 3 mistakes my clients and I made when it comes to love and having a sustainable true deep life-time relationship.

Do you do one of those 3 main mistakes
when it comes to your love life?


Check if you do/did one of the 3 mistakes…

1. They believe love is a fairy tale…BUT
2. They give up
3. They feel powerless

Ok let’s see what I mean in detail about it.


They believe love is a fairy tale…BUT

Many people believe love is a fairy tale BUT they behave not in accordance. Instead of engaging with a partner they truly deeply love from the bottom of their heart and they can have this fairy tale relationship with, they engage with an ‘ok to show to others’ or ‘he does not challenge me’ partner. From my observations and studies as well my work with my clients, many people basically make decisions with their mind when it comes to love without taking into consideration their heart. They chose a partner that is practical to have…., which does not challenge them or there is confusion in their mind and heart.
Many people engage in relationships with partners they don’t romantically love and they don’t feel the love in the heart for this person. They only engaged for intellectual reasons or other wrong reasons – there are plenty of reasons.. I don’t want to go into detail here right now, but they do not engage with partners for the right reason.

They give up

Many people want it simple, and they don’t want to or don’t know how to put effort into a relationship. In my work with my clients, I have observed that many give up too early lacking skills to cope with challenging situations or simply because they lack ambition. They have a fixed mindset, as Stanford University Professor of Psychology Carol Dweck had called it, believing their situation is a kind of fate that makes us come to the third mistake I have observed in people failing over and over again in their love life, feeling powerless.

They feel powerless

Many people struggle in their love life and having a true deep love long-term lifetime relationship because they feel so powerless. They have the impression that they cannot positively impact or change their situation, improve their relationship. They are in a constant kind of victim attitude believing that ‘I just can’t do anything about it.’


How to attract love in life & succeed
in creating a longterm relationship?

So what is the solution? How to attract love in life & succeed in creating a longterm relationship?

Getting true love back into my life after having failed for so many years, not knowing why things didn’t work with my ex-husband and with all the other men I had met, I found out the truth is true deep romantic long-lasting love is like in a fairy tale and real and absolutely possible.

Be ambitious, become a true believer, and have faith

You need to be ambitious, become a true believer, and have faith. Once you do this, miracles will happen in your life. You need to know you are complete. Changing your perceptions will help. When you work on the right issues, you will succeed. This is true for me; why shouldn’t it be for you? You are powerful, and when you listen to your intuition, you will make the right decisions.

Know you can solve it alone

The good news is, you can do it all alone. From my experience, you can change things on your own, you don’t need to have a partner who changes. You can change your story, and you have the absolute power to change things. I have worked for 16 months full time to get true love back into my life alone. When you truly decide you want to have a true deep love and put the effort in, you will succeed.
What is important, you need to work until you succeed. That’s really important because often, you might want to give up too early. Depending on what your issues are, this might take time and effort. For me, it took me 16 months of full-time work on several levels to succeed.

“Once you vibrate true deep love, you just can attract love. This is mathematics.” – Julia Noyel

How to attract love in life & SUCCEED in creating a longterm relationship by julia noyel

But, once you vibrate true deep love, you just can attract love. This is mathematics, the law of attraction.

In my true love back program, I have summarized all my wisdom, knowledge, and expert advice (I am a certified psychological advisor & certified coach, consultant, and trainer) in an empowering, inspiring playful and efficient way. By the way, to make you succeed, I only use the most innovative & efficient learning & development strategies I have acquired and tested successfully as a corporate coach, consultant, and business school teacher working for the most reputed & mindful actors in this field, having worked many years for the luxury, retail, service and pharmaceutical, and IT sector. In my program, I share with you what I have learned because I know how much despair I had, how much I was struggling, and I put so much effort, time money into myself. I invested so much, and I was so committed to succeeding, so I succeeded.


And I want to help you to succeed, too. So today I made it my mission to help you to find true deep love and to get love back into your life because I believe it’s the most wonderful thing you can have, the most wonderful feeling you can feel in your body, and the most wonderful thing you can give to people. It is the ultimate guarantee for a healthy, happy & successful lifetime relationship and a long-lasting life. You will discover exactly which issues you need to work on and how to succeed. So as I said, it’s not a program where you only will learn skills, and then you forget the skills or use the skills, and they do not work. This program makes you really rediscover the root issues you need to work on and how to succeed. In my program, you will learn how powerful you are (okay, so that’s a side effect) because you will take full responsibility because my program is focused on taking full responsibility.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

I am the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life & SUBSTANCEMIND® (Expert in Mind & Cell Reprogramming), a highly intuitive & inner SUBSTANCE Coach (Expert in Self-esteem & Strong Mindset ) & certified coach & psychological advisor.

You are going to become autonomous so that you are independent of any person in order to change your story whether you are single – then you will have the full reigns in your hand in order to transform your life and to find the right partner this time – or you are with someone and struggling, and your partner does not want to help – you will get all the tools and my strategy to figure things out alone. You’re not dependent on your partner, so you do not need to beg the person to better listen to you or do what you want…Ready to succeed now in your love life? Then, check my program out here.

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