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Welcome to my emotional paintings

 « If you want to be an artist do not talk about ART
but do it! »
Julia Noyel, Writer & Coach

Often blocked by the events of life and overwhelmed by stress we lose touch with ourselves! Chronic and psychosomatic pains are signs of an imbalance in us. Unlike children, we have no more time to nurture creativity which is our life energy. Painting is a great way to break free of chronic and psychosomatic pain.

Expressive or emotional

gallery2 - copieExpressive or emotional painting as I called it is a technique I created with which you can us to express the deepest emotions in yourself and even free you from your chronic and psychosomatic pain. It does not require any technical know-how. You bring your emotions out to the surface without any judgment. You observe, you feel, you interpret (if you wish). Everyone has a creative side and can be artistic; it is not important to create something perfect or beautiful. The importance is to release emotions and pain that are enclosed and let circulate the energy in your body.


About my paintings

photo Gallery - copieFor most of my emotional & expressive paintings I used only my fingers and acrylic colors. I discovered this kind of painting while sitting on a terace with a glass of wine one evening several years ago, myself suffering from chronical pain and decided to call it expressive or emotional painting. Despareted I took a piece of paper and some colors and started painting my pain when I noticed that by painting, the pain disappeared. I also noticed that the energetical power of paintings; we can influence our thoughts and life by painting. Each painting is full of energy, either negative or positive. Expressive painting is highly intuitive, inspiration comes deeply from the guts. Today I want to share this technique with you in order to help you to change your life. Shorty after this experience I also created emotional dancing and emotional music. Feel free to contact me…

Discover all my paintings here…



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