You seem to have everything to be happy, but you are not?
You are successful, but unhappy and maybe suffering from constant pain? 

  Hi, I am Julia.

I teach people how to create a different, happy, healthy & successful life. I am Expert in Self Management, People Management & Self confidence  and founder of Art of a different, happy, healthy AND successful life.

Today I live a life that makes me happy, healthy AND successful, but it has not always been that way. I had all to be successful, was happily married, but felt so unhappy, living in an unhealthy environment, chronically ill. Whenever things did not go well, I listened to other people’s advice, I tried to force me to be happy, and it got worse and worse. When once again I was down, I decided: different and better. I needed a plan to free myself from the sinking ship. I set a strategy and change my life in 5 steps. And it worked. I know that we can create at anytime a life that makes us happy, healthy AND successful with the right strategy, skills & tools.

You want to know how I changed my life, what I had to struggle with and how I jumped over the obstacles?

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 Ready to live a life that makes you happy, healthy
AND successful

There is a success formula.

Join me in the adventure of mastering
the art of a different, happy, healthy AND successful life.

Change your life in 5 simple steps and live a happy, healthy AND successful life

Are you unhappy with your current life? Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day! Creating a life that suits you, living in harmony with your values, being different from others, feeling happy and healthy. It is possible!
Get strategy NOW.

Master the art of raising happy, healthy AND successful children

You want your child to be happy, healthy & successful in life? You feel scared or overwhelmed? You want to make sure your child will have self-confidence and self-esteem, good physical and mental health, being able to build long lasting relationships at work and in the private context and minimize troubles.

Successful, but unhappy, mood changes, no SELF-CONFIDENCE,
permanent ANGER or frustration, chronic pain
it is all too much,
constant CONFLICTS, NO control, failure, totally EXHAUSTED, constant efforts, INSECURE,
ALONE, UNIMPORTANT, misunderstood

Is this familiar to you? You might be successful in one area of your life, maybe your job or your relationship, but in other areas of your life it is a constant battle and nothing works? You’ve tried a lot. You want to give up: your dreams, work, your relationship? Good that you are here. To be happy, healthy AND successful the first step is to accept that sometimes we are unhappy, suffer or have no success. What is interesting, from my experience, it is exactly this attitude that helps us to be happy, healthy and successful in life. Of course it is not easy. But there is a secret for living a happy, healthy AND successful life. There is a success formula. When you use it, you will have the keys to a life you always dreamed of.




Let yourself be inspired

Here you will get simple-creative, intuitive, natural and efficient tools that are fun, inspire and help you to feel safe, strong, self-confident, proud, creative, beautiful and calm and lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life. You not only get tools that will make you feel better immediately, but tools you can use over and over again, every single day.


What you can expect when working with me.
You’ll discover ways to:

  • know & understand yourself, strengthen your self-esteem, gain more (self)-confidence
  • shine and show you fully, know how to market and promote your self
  • live a healthier life, feel better in your body, be more centered, become aware of the causes for your pain
  • attract the positive, get rid of negative energy & beliefs, protect against toxic people & situations
  • create better relationships, understand & handle people with different personnalities
  • be authentic in every situation and stay true to yourself and with others so that you are proud of yourself
  • be seen, heard and overcome conflicts (at work, with spouses, children, friends), better handle criticism
  • create an environment (work, relationships, etc.) that makes you feel good, inspired, and proud
  • ride and express your emotions (reducing jealousy, reducing anxiety and stress)
  • feel calm and secure, energetic, autonomous and happy
  • achieve your goals, move forward with your creative projects and finalise them
  • have more time for yourself, your partner, your friends
  • attract more Love, Happiness, Passion, Energy, Success and MONEY.



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