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Why you should think twice before following your intuition when raising your child

She told me : “Well, to my pregnant clients who feel a bit anxious, I always say : Do not read any book about parenting or education.”

She just had finished her sentence, I took a deep breath trying to hide my trembling body. Can you imagine the expression on my face? Do you see how I felt about her words? I immediately saw the picture of closing book shops in front of my eyes, training rooms being empty. I had to think about all the learning material and advice that was so precious and rich to our world, to me too. Just think about people like Thomas Gordon, Dorothy Ellen. Their contribution makes the world so much richer and helped so many people to become a better parent. I could easily put myself in the shoes of those people, being writer and trainer myself. Hearing those words was of course a bit delicate. I mean it’s not only my job but my passion to teach people tools that help them to improve their parenting skills, but well it was not only the question about being a writer or trainer here. I felt worried about her advice. I wanted to know more.
“What do you mean?”
“I think my female clients should follow their intuition when raising their children.”
“Hum, I see.” She got me twice. It was apparently my DAY. I have been training people for more than 5 years in How to develop their intuition in the private as well in the professional context, holding workshops several times per year on the topic. Moreover as an empath, I had a rather strongly developed intuition. Intuition was a well-known friend. I tried to see the link she wanted to make.
“So if I understand you correctly, the advice you give to your clients is to naturally do what feels right to them”?
Wow, followed by a huge question mark. This was the word that pictured in my head, I actually did not say it. Continuer la lecture de Why you should think twice before following your intuition when raising your child 

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If you want to raise happy, healthy and successful children, don’t do this

You are parents? You want to raise happy, healthy and successful children?

If you have ever wonderd how to make sure your children will be happy, healthy and succesfully master their lives, it is time to dig a little bit deeper into this question. After having read the following lines you will discover one important mistake many people do when it comes to parenting. Your and your child’s life is meant to be happy, healthy & successful. Being a parent is an amazing and rewarding experience and you can teach your child all the skills in order to master their life happily and successfully.

If you are like most parents you have a clear purpose: you want your children to be happy, healthy and successful! Most parents do everything they can, they want everything to be perfect and they put a lot of energy, effort and especially money to reach this goal: A clean house, healthy food, good education, plenty of career opportunities, language skills, international experience. They want to open the doors of possibilities to their child’s feet! What’s about you? Do you also work hard, doing everything for your child’s wellbeing: regular family vacation, a nice house with garden, maybe even a pool, the best school! You pay for their private education, you give the opportunity to learn an instrument, maybe even more than one, you encourage them to join the school’s sports team. Is this enough to make sure your child will be happy, healthy & successful in life? Is there maybe anything else you could do and that will make your life as a parent even more fun, easier and more relaxed? Continuer la lecture de If you want to raise happy, healthy and successful children, don’t do this 

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How to attract your dream life

Well, I remember the time when I was chasing after things, after people, after success. I worked hard, I spend all my time on my work, thinking “well, when will you finally succeed in what you are doing?” It was a difficult time. But I also remember a time when everything was easy, life was so beautiful. I worked a lot, but it was not hard. Everything was easy. I felt so good. Customers called me. Success and money came to me easily. I had plenty of work and a 6 figure salary, just within one year after having started my own activity as international HR Consultant. So what could have happened? Why after this easy going time, I experienced life suddenly so differently? Continuer la lecture de How to attract your dream life 

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If you want to change your life don’t do this

Do you know the following situation? You are unhappy and you are quite clear about which kind of life you would make you happier, you would like to change, but sometimes you have some minor doubts about your intention as your ideal life seems so different to other people’s lives. So in moments of doubts you call your family – maybe your mom, your father, your sister or your brother or your friends – and your ask them for advice and you follow their advice instead of realizing your dreams.
If you’re like lost people chances are that you are easily influenced by other people. The majority of people who want to change their life never really succeed in their project because they get influenced by other people. Especially when you were raised by controlling and dominant parents your brain is programmed to rather listen to others then to yourself. People lacking a strong inner self get easily overwhelmed by other peoples’ thoughts, energy and emotions. Continuer la lecture de If you want to change your life don’t do this 

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