Practical guide increase self-confidence and self-esteem, build a strong mindset Master the art of a happy, healthy & successful life

Let’s  yourself  make happy, healthy and successful  now.


The SUBSTANCE-Formula: How to master the Art of a happy, healthy AND successful life

Book_The Substance-Formula Master the Art of a happy, healthy AND successful Life
Imagine you feel ok, safe in life, happy, and successful. Even in times of problems, you will get out easily, you feel light and positive about life, having high self-esteem, having good health, enough time, and a strong mindset. Your reality is different? You are struggling in life in one or more areas, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, out of control, unhappy, suffering from pain and failure and manipulation?

Maybe you have not learned the skills you need to have control over your life, to feel safe and confident in all areas of your life and to lead a self-determined life. Learn to build inner SUBSTANCE in 9 simple steps and set a solid foundation for a happy, healthy & successful life NOW. In my practical guide I share with you all my personal secrets to build a strong mindset and inner SUBSTANCE, to be self-confident and manage your life on your own!


In my book ‘The SUBSTANCE-Formula: How to master the Art of a happy,
healthy AND successful life’ I will show you my strategies to

  • raise your self-awareness, take the stress and uncertainty away by providing you with a clear and easy to follow roadmap
  • make one feel safe and others feel safe, create more harmonious relationships with others
  • become a responsible & balanced person
  • cope with and protect against harmful behavior and manipulation, toxic behavior
  • raise your vibrations and lead a life in harmony with peace and love
  • help you to become aware of, transform harmful behavior and adopt a healthier communication style
  • become autonomous and self-confident, cope with strong emotions
  • improve the bond with other people
  • reduce power games, stress, anger, and resentment
  • reduce unhappiness, pain, and failure
  • help you to have all the premises to build a happy, healthy & successful life
  • give you proven strategies and many more!

More outcomes

  • help you to know yourself better
  • help you to be confident and real to yourself and with others
  • help you to become a better role model and be proud of yourself
  • minimize financial and relationship problems
  • emotional autonomous and self-reliant person
  • better relationships with others based on more trust, love, and self-responsibility
  • balance your own life: more fun, more money, time, better health, more romance!



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About the author

Julia Noyel is the founder of the Art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, Inner SUBSTANCE Coach and Expert for self-confidence & a strong mindset. As a certified coach & psychological advisor, she trains globally people in how to lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life. Julia has an extensive background in people management, leadership, change management, interpersonal communication, emotional management, efficiency, energy healing, and body-mind approaches. She has been working with children, students, individuals, couples & leaders over the past years teaching the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life through her books, online classes, workshops, and lectures in international schools and business schools.