Action plan to love – really in a committed relationship

Action plan to love - get committed to your life

By Julia Noyel

You wanna be in a relationship that moves forward, have control over your life, feel safe? You want to have a serious relationship children, being a good spouse to your man, You can have this.

You have dated a man for months you want the relationship moving forward now? Realise your life goals, projects Now!

Your Time is precious as YOU are! Let me tell you: You are absolutely special you deserve the best.

It is your right to realize your life goals, being in a deep loving committed relationship with the man who is emotionally deeply attracted, passionate about being with you; the man who wants to make his life with you.

How to know if your man is committed?

You want to know if your man is committed?

Accept what is, yes you understood correctly. The man who loves you deeply is committed to you.

If he did not move the relationship forward there might be a reason

You have the right to realise your goals, have this deep loving sustainable relationship with your man. The man who wants to live with you. When the man gets passive in his behavior, there might be several reasons. This does not mean doing nothing about it to simply wait. You can do something about it, take control back over the situation.
As yourself: how to create situations where he is committed to me? This is the Good news.
You have the tendency to control the situation, lead the projects towards success, that’s good, you can use your capacities to reach your goals now.

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