Happy relationship – How to choose the right partner if you want a long term relationship

Happy relationship – How to choose the right partner

You want a happy relationship? Are you wondering how to choose the right partner if you want a long term relationship? You are right. When we are in love we can become blind and do not really see the person we are in love with. Many of us want a happy long-term relationship, but invest to much time with a person who is not able to build a long term relationship.

Happy relationship – How to choose the right partner if you want a long term relationship

If you wanna have a happy long-term relationship your potential partner needs some qualities, he needs to be risk-taker how I call it, of course I do not mean taking any wild financial or other dangerous risks, but willing to risk love. Committing entirely to one single partner involves a huge risk! The risk of giving away our hearts and being hurt, abandoned and entirely seen. Therefore a lot of us, especially if we have had some bad past experiences decide never to entirely commit to one single partner again. We use the love-portfolio theory to disperse the risk of being hurt. However, does this work in order to build a long-term relationship?

Should you better chose a risk-taker or risk-minimizer? By never investing our emotional & sexual energy, our spare time and finance in one single partner we keep a wall between our partner and us. In this way, we protect ourselves in case of hurt and separation. However, if you want a long-lasting and deep relationship with a partner, it is crucial to check if your partner is a risk-taker or a risk minimizer. While the risk-taker is ready to invest entirely in you (sexually, emotionally, financially, time..etc.), willing to take the risk of being hurt and to work through any problems, the risk minimizer will always keep a distance to you, never commit entirely. He or she will invest in different people regarding sex, emotions, communication, passion, his or her spare time and will leave you frustrated and with a feeling of loneliness.

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