How to create a long-term relationship

How to create a long-term relationship

by Julia Noyel

Do you dream of true deep romantic love for life? But your reality is different! Dissatisfied in relationship. All your relationships have failed so far, your current relationship is also hanging by a thread and you are wondering why and how you will finally succeed? I can imagine how you feel. I had the same problem for a long time. My relationships just didn’t work out for long.

From what I’ve observed, when we keep failing, it’s important to ask ourselves this exploratory question: “Am I a romantic dreamer or am I also making my dreams come true? What exactly am I doing to make my relationship with the person I really love romantic?”
You’ve found someone and think: This is it! You are finally floating high above cloud nine! Attention! Building a long-term relationship requires vigilance and constant nurturing. You must check and ensure your connection. I believe it is also important to develop skills in order to be able to recover from defeats or conflicts.
“A relationship is like the lines on a kite wing that connect the wing to the bar.” – Julia Noyel
I would like to explain it to you with a metaphor. A relationship is comparable to the lines linking the wing to the bar and the tip flange. What binds you to the other is the relationship!
A relationship is like the lines on a kite wing that connect the wing to the bar. The steering and safety lines are connected to the kite and allow it to be steered. They help to steer in the right direction and to adapt to the force development of the wind. In a relationship it’s the same. Your relationship lines. What connects you with your partner.
If you know how a relationship works, regularly take care of the relationship lines and your relationship umbrella, you can protect yourself and your partner.
I would like to share with you here a second exploration question that may help you.
Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life
Ask yourself, “What positive things am I doing to transform past conflicts with my partner and ensure a secure connection again?”
Just accessing the bad pictures or memories, blocking the connection, not opening your connection properly may not be the best to ensure a long-term harmonious relationship.
People who exercise an extreme and dangerous sport like a parachute, KITE know it: You ALWAYS have to check your lines: No crossing, no knots.
Dissatisfied in the relationship? Have you already thought about watching over your relationship lines, do you know what it takes to have a happy, healthy and successful relationship? Sometimes, as children, we didn’t learn important skills and tools we need to build lastingly happy, healthy, and successful relationships.
In my 8-week intensive coaching program ‘More Confidence – Master the Art of a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life’ I share with you the tools and skills that have helped me to lay a solid foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life and sustainable relationship.


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