Change your life change your thoughts

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You wanna change your life, improve things, get rich, get out of a crisis, succeed? Change your thoughts! In this article, you will learn which methods can help you to change your thoughts.


Affirmation and positive visualization methods are based on Emile Coue’s theory that our thoughts affect our lives. In her book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne says that thoughts influence what will happen to us in life. Thus, people who think positively attract the positive in life. From my personal experience, but also through my daily work with my clients, this theory proves true. I truly believe in positive thinking and its benefits.

Change your life! Change your thoughts!

According to my own observations, people who succeeded in their projects never gave up, but they believed despite criticism in themselves. Surveys show that the key success factors of millionaires for becoming rich was the fact that they imagined rich. Sick people who have healed tried to understand the message of their illness and believed they could recover.

Multiple other examples exist that demonstrate the phenomenon of our thoughts. What is about you? Do you observe your thoughts?

From my personal experience and my experience as an inner SUBSTANCE Coach there are some very powerful techniques to change thoughts.

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  • how to change your thoughts, how to think in a more positive manner
  • how to love yourself fully
  • how to better know yourself and dare to be authentic (express shadow and light)
  • how to dare speaking up for yourself
  • how to stop wanting to please others
  • how to say ‘no’ and respect your boundaries
  • how to assert yourself in personal life or at work
  • how to improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • how to improve your relationships
  • how to stop anger
  • how to forgive and get rid off the best and many more

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