I am hearing voices – am I crazy?

I am hearing voices – am I crazy?

I am hearing voices – am I crazy?

Hearing voices can be a scary experience and you might quickly wonder if you are crazy, especially when other people tell you are. The aim of this article is to share with you my point of you in regards to ‘I am hearing voices – am I crazy?’ as well as my strategy of dealing with hearing voices.

The first question I would like to ask you is : “Do you believe this question is helpful in order to help you to overcome things?” My point of view is focusing on this question might not be the best in order to help you to overcome the situation.

Being an inner substance coach and specialist in mindset and cell reprogramming as well as an intuitive healer and researcher in intuitive healing of personality disorders and chronic diseases the first thought that comes to my mind is this question is not helpful to help you to overcome this.


‘I believe what is really important is to put yourself in the right state of mind in order to give yourself strength in order to overcome this quickly.’



If you know a little bit about the law of attraction you might know that where you put your focus on this you might attract. So I believe focussing yourself on ‘you’re crazy’ might not be the best.

I believe when you hear voices what is really important: be conscious and aware that it is important to put yourself in the right state of mind in order to give yourself strength in order to overcome this quickly.

It’s always a question of how you wanna see the world.  I believe some people believe in and they focus on the negative and I believe it’s not helpful and then there are people who focus on solutions and on the positive and the learning and this is positive to overcome things, challenges.

Focus on positive thoughts and solutions

Important is that you focus on positive thoughts and solutions. Thoughts have energy and thoughts might create your reality. The more you focus on « am I’m crazy? » «I’m crazy » or you listen to other people who tell you that you’re crazy the more this situation might become a reality. I would like to remind you that you are the creator of your own life. And therefore, from my point of view, it’s important that you ask yourself better questions, questions that will help you to solve the situation. Please feel free to download my free ebook in order to put yourself in the right state of mind.

Check out my spiritual awakening class. In this deep transformational program, I show you exactly my strategy how I overcame spiritual awakening. It is it’s an entire program where you get access to my spiritual knowledge and insights and also to my SUBSTANCEMIND® approach that helped me. In this program, I will share with you

  • why I believe there are voices and
  • what are the different types of voices,
  • how I dealt with the voices and
  • how I released them in a couple of days
  • why it’s important for my point of view to release them and how to stay positive.
Julia Noyel Coach für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung Hochsensible Menschen Empathen


I’m inner substance coach, intuitive healer and expert and researcher in intuitive healing of personality disorder and chronic diseases. And I’m also expert in cell and mind reprogramming and the founder of the art of a different happy, healthy and successful life. And my goal in this world is to help all people who want to know deep, deep love relationship children, a family, a peaceful life and be happy and passionate in their work, completely fulfilled and successful, and who have struggled over and over again. My aim is to help you to make you succeed because I know how it is if you struggle over and over again and I have succeeded. So I want you to succeed too, because you are worth the best.

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Julia Noyel is founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life. She is certified coach & psychological advisor, consultant & trainer and expert in self-confidence.

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