Raise happy children – What do children need?

Raise happy children – What do children need?

by Julia Noyel

You are parents? You want to raise happy, healthy, successful children?

Julia Noyel_Coach réussir sa vieIf you have ever wondered how to make sure your children will be happy, healthy and successfully master their lives, it is time to dig a little bit deeper into this question. You want to know if you are good father, mother? Am I ready for creating a family?In this article I share with you 4 things children need:

a beautiful home, money, studies…

a beautiful home, money, studies, yes this helps is reassuring, gives calm, according to my experience as well intuitive insights the following is also helpful to your children

  1. unconditional love, active listening, spending quality time together
  2. parents who love their children for who they truly are, good things they do
  3. parents who encourage them in their true talents that help them to be autonomous, self-confident
  4. happy parents that love each other deeply

Is this enough to make sure your child will be happy, healthy & successful in life? Is there maybe anything else you could do and that will make your life as a parent even more fun, easier and more relaxed?

Material safety is important for our children, helping them to find out what they are best in, too. It is essential to fulfill our children’s basic needs.
So what? You are wondering what you could do more to guarantee your child’s happiness? Is there anything more you can do? Yes, there is.

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