Your partner is highly sensitive – 10 strategies for a happy relationship

by Julia Noyel

Your partner is highly sensitive? Sometimes you do not understand the reactions of your highly sensitive partner? Being highly sensitive is not easy neither for the hypersensitive partner nor for you as a ‘normally sensitive’ person.  In this article, I give you some tips on how to have a happy relationship with a hypersensitive person.

Here are 10 strategies for a happy relationship with a highly sensitive person as a normal sensitive:

  1. Stay mainly natural and most straightforward in your behaviors and your communication.
  2. Do not say ‘you are too sensitive’, ‘you must harden’ because it is as if you are told to change the color of your eyes. If this were so simple, your partner would have already have done it. Observe his reaction and welcome it by taking your partner in your arms.
  3. Appreciate your partner’s sensitivity.
  4. Do not abuse his kindness, because even if your partner’s tolerance level is very high, he suffers every time you abuse, even if he does not show it; one day he will have reached his limits.
  5. Welcome emotions: For a highly sensitive person emotions can be felt like a wild storm and make him get lost. Take your partner in your arms. The warmth and love allow him to calm down very quickly.
  6. Allow him to express his emotions without judging and without taking them too personal; avoid telling your partner how he should feel.
  7. Accept the need for calm and solitude. This is vital for your partner.
  8. Communicate your feelings to your partner, even if it seems difficult. Your partner will often tend to feel your feelings even if you do not express them and if you are not honest this can be felt as insecurity to your partner.
  9. Do not use the joking, do not play games or psychological tests with him, do not tease unnecessarily because hypersensitive people are especially sensitive to this kind of behavior. This behavior will make them withdraw, not get them closer.
  10. Know that your partner feels everything much more intensely than you: pain,  emotions, sex.

Keep one thing in mind, your highly sensitive partner, once he gained trust in you and in the relationship and he feels loved and respected, he can deeply enrich your relationship, make it more creative, always interesting. Highly sensitive people often bring softness and sensuality in a couple and have the ability to be a source of creativity, full of sweetness. They can help you to live a healthier life by offering you relaxation and well-being.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeJulia Noyel is the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life. She is a highly sensitive & creative person, empath and certified coach & psychological advisor, consultant & trainer and expert in self-confidence, for highly sensitive and creative people, INFPs and empaths. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to live a different, happy, healthy & successful life.

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